DAGGi releases his debut album OVERTHINKING

September 24th is the date of DAGGi’s debut album ‘OVERTHINKING’. DAGGi started the album process early in 2019 but after developing and perfecting his sound he decided to start over again in early 2020. Within this process the album title became ‘OVERTHINKING’. The album isn’t just about the overthinking within the process but also the emotions of being an overthinker in the everyday life, something you can clearly hear in his emotional pop songs. The album is a bit divided with a more melancholic first half leading up to a more positive turn at the second half of the album.

The focus track for this album is named ‘Something’. The song really makes you wanna dance, with an up-tempo, bouncy beat and catchy hooks. As always DAGGi wear his heart on his sleeve with honest and emotional lyrics. The track is about meeting someone special and the importance of enjoying the moments that makes you happy.

” I really feel like this album is a vital par of my journey as an artist. It might not be perfect but I think that’s a part of the process as well. It’s important to develop along the way and stop overthinking every step. I actually had to finish the album to realize it. I think «Something» is one of the tracks I’m most pleased with as well, as it’s one of the most positive and uplifting songs on the album.”

Since DAGGi released his first single (Can’t Stop) from the album august 2020, he accomplished more than he ever thought he would do in such a short time period. With his first release he reached the top 30 at Radio P3 in August 2020. His second single reaching top 10 at the Norwegian pop charts on iTunes, and several international radio plays and media attention. Now he looks forward to continuing the hard work and to reach new heights with his upcoming album, «Overthinking».

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