Danilo Ends The Summer With A Bang With His Latest Release “Whine Up Ya Waist”

Danilo ends the summer with a bang dropping his heavily hyped song “Whine Up Ya Waist”. A fun energized summer banger is a great way to end the Summer don’t you think? The song was fully produced by Danilo in his home studio, from the beat to the vocal mix. Frank Miharbi is the featured Sierra Leone dancehall artist on the song.
“We didn’t even know each other when me and Frank wrote the song”. The song was created at the peak of the COVID quarantine of 2020. They were introduced through mutual friends through social media and were immediately interested in making music together because of their similar style. The beat was sent over to Frank, and Frank recorded the vocals in his home and sent it to Danilo for mixing. Everything was done virtually. Patience was key with this song, Danilo didn’t feel the need to drop the song right away because he saw the potential in it and felt it would’ve done better as quarantine dropped. Now a year later the song is out and the feedback it’s getting back is amazing.