David Austin Strikes Gold with “Let Them Boys Play”

Unleashing a feel-good jukebox jam, soulful artist and California native David Austin finds amusement in letting fists fly. Quickly becoming a good-time ruckus, “Let Them Boys Play” narrates a relatable small-town concept with gleaming production, and feathered guitar licks soaked in nostalgia. Observing from the other side of a dive bar, Austin tells the story of a night turned upside down with a rowdy bar fight, entertaining the idea that just letting it be is the only way. Blending a vintage 70’s rock groove with the classic theatricality of West Side Story, “Let Them Boys Play” blurs the line between new-age and old-school rock, while emphasizing the importance of melody-driven tracks with a story to match.

When asked about the writing process for the song, Austin explained, “I wrote it with the idea that it would eventually accompany a bar fight scene in a movie. It loosely chronicles a night at a local, small-town pub where rising tensions between young guys reach a boiling point, and they get rowdy.”

Revealing a small-town story with big city boldness, Austin sets the scene without having to openly explain the incident. “Words were said / lines got crossed / steam built up and now its / gotta burn off” he echoes, confidently telling the story of a beat up dive bar brawl. Austin sounds authentically himself in this track, presenting sultry vocals matched with clamorous elements. Austin’s got a lot to offer, and he makes sure everyone knows it with his latest, “Let Them Boys Play.”

“Let Them Boys Play” is available NOW on all streaming platforms! Follow David on Instagram @davidaustinsings & listen to “Let Then Boys Play” now: fanlink.to/davidaustin

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