Davie Simmons releases Halcyon Days Single/Video

Though you may be hard pressed to find much in modern music that sounds like Davie Simmons’ work, there are recognizable strands running through “Halcyon Days” any experienced music listener will identify. The indie nature of the recording gives it a slightly raw edge, never amateurish or unprofessional, but possessing a visceral character capable of immediate connection with listeners. The soft touch of percussion pairs well with the jangling guitar and occasional art rock six string punctuations and the choice of adopting a mid tempo pace for the tune is ideal for the number. He hits a number of stops in the song that add to its dramatic qualities without ever announcing themselves to listeners and the track, running almost three minutes exactly, never overstays its welcome with the audience. Instead, it is an imaginative ride from first note until the last.

OFFICIAL VIDEO: www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6drwZKmzE0

The imagination fueling “Halcyon Days” is apparent in every facet of the recording and performance. Simmons has written exceptional lyrics for this piece – they recall its basis in Greek mythology without ever belaboring the point and manage to connect it to modern life in a relatable way. There is the suggestion of autobiographical inclinations present in the words, but it really doesn’t matter if you can draw direct connections between the personal life of the songwriter and his words. This is a dramatic piece, intended for performance, and other considerations are secondary to how well Simmons draws us into the track’s world. Our immersion, as listeners, is complete on the first hearing.

His vocals aid in this immersion. Simmons throws himself head long into the performance and his voice, unconventional as it may be, bubbles with passion throughout the entirety of the track. He never maintains one approach for the duration of the song and, instead, mixes up his delivery to give the audience different shades and colors to enhance the entertainment of the performance. His efforts are successful from the first and gain more each time you hear the song. There’s nothing cheap or histrionic about his singing.

I-HEART RADIO: www.iheart.com/artist/davie-simmons-33058424/songs/halcyon-days-74521594/?autoplay=true

“Halcyon Days” has musical qualities, as well, that hold up under repeated listens. I am fond of the guitar playing running throughout the tune. It takes a few unexpected turns during the course of the track, never content to play to expectations, and provides a strong counterpoint to Simmons’ voice. The mid tempo speed of the track doesn’t kick in immediately but, when it does, the drumming does an excellent job leading the way. There are no instrumental breaks in the song that you’d expect from more standard pop or rock tracks but you won’t miss them. Davie Simmons has acquitted himself well and demonstrates a tremendous love for the form with “Halcyon Days”. The song is the obvious result of spending a lifetime serving his musical muse and its other attributes enhance the final product. It falls in line with previous songs we’ve heard from Simmons, namely its immediate predecessor “Angel Music Lover”, and illustrates the creativity that has served him well through the course of a long songwriting life.

Clay Burton

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