DAYEATER drop new Single/Video

DAYEATER come on very strong from Austin, TX, with the single and video for the epic release of “Nightmare.” And it’s not only a good effort in the studio to come up with a good long song, but also a challenge back it with a video with no time restricted edits. They get top marks for the effort to keep this track at full length and keep interest in it with the video of the full song. And if that isn’t enough, it also takes some time to wrap your head around and not be interrupted in almost 19 minutes of music and video.


Talk about a stretch, this is all done under different circumstances than the average band find themselves in to begin with. One handed guitarist, Jesse Lee, is a remarkable player to visually witness and hear. But if you weren’t watching you’d never know he lost his strumming hand in a terrible accident, because it doesn’t sound like it’s hurt his ability to play any. It’s a matter of concentrating on the song and video and what they have to say. It’s vastly entertaining and even interesting when you put everything about DAYEATER together and allow them to impress on every level in which they do.

The video takes on a sequence with the song’s lengthy intro, and it’s best to watch it during that part because it fills in the sound as the song starts to build up and take a couple of turns. The video helps graphically depict the song, but the action of the band playing is makes it for me. I wasn’t too caught up at first with what’s going on between the playing visuals, but that changes with each growing listen and occasional watch. I’m more into audio than video but the idea is to do the song justice and they nailed it on all counts.

I give the video equal passage, even though the song is where it’s at for me, but it’s no contest between the two formats, as they both serve the song. This appears to be trickier than the usual DAYEATER release, but it’s probably only because it’s so long and their songs tend to be much shorter, usually not exceeding 4 minutes. So, in that respect DAYEATER fans get the treatment they deserve for ultimately supporting them. I can relate to even their least supportive fan when looking at it that way.

DAYEATER – Nightmare (Official Video)

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I also gave the track several listens on the headphones and encourage that if you’re watching the video or not, because it brings out every particle sound that’s lost in mixing without a direct ear plugging. That’s usually the case with anything but this isn’t a short song, so it is essential for catching every little detail of beauty. I am not usually this easily sold on singles but luckily DAYEATER are fun to explore so this single put them on my radar and for that I am enormously satisfied by it. The surprise about that is, I wasn’t expecting such a stellar release, nor was I expecting to find such a cool band.

Clay Burton