DBIZZ Offers His Latest EP “pressure”

Pressure is the latest EP, by Hip Hop artist, DBIZZ. Originally from San Jose, DBIZZ now resides in San Diego, which for anyone familiar with SoCal, is a considerable adjustment. DBIZZ considers himself a product of his environment. The music from his latest offering, however, is accessible to many, regardless of geographic status. With 5 tracks, at around two minutes each, Pressure is notable for its brevity.

“Don’t Sweat Her” is one of the most auspicious tracks on the album. With a somewhat hypnotic backdrop, DBIZZ gives a confident performance. His subtle verbal agility is on full display here, and you’ll most likely find yourself instantly taken by his charm. DBIZZ finds amusement whereas other men find themselves in a vicious cycle of desperation. “Don’t Sweat Her,” essentially seems to be about not taking anything in life too seriously, especially love.

“Used To” does give us more insight into who DBIZZ is and how he sees himself. Self aggrandizing and characteristically smooth, “Used To” is if nothing else, a fitting addition to the record. Similarly, “No Jumper” is more grandstanding from DBIZZ. You can’t argue that he spits as well as he struts though. DBIZZ can be as vulgar and slang heavy as Rap’s most unapologetic acts, but he has an early Biggie vibe to his work that sets him apart.


Listen to pressure on Spotify. DBIZZ · Single · 2021 · 5 songs.

The sound that DBIZZ goes for on Pressure is minimalistic. The man has perfect enunciation and his delivery is rather deliberate. From a production standpoint, the record is everything it needs to be. No frills, no backup vocals, just a man and his mic, which is reticent of DBIZZ and his musical identity. Thanks to his bare-bones approach on this album, all future efforts are wide open for DBIZZ to reinvent and/or evolve his sound.

“Light It Up,” may just be the quintessential track from Pressure. It’s indicative of everything that DBIZZ is at this moment in time. I’m the man around this bitch/go ahead and add me up. Modern and docile, musically, DBIZZ gives a performance with a sort of delayed urgency. It’s the fastest delivery we hear from him on Pressure, but it’s still somehow the definition of chill. For fans of this genre, “Light It Up,” will be a must listen.

DBIZZ aims to make music that “empowers and inspires.” His self-confidence is something that every performer and person for that matter, should examine. He’s not the loudest nor most bombastic Rapper in the game, but he has the uncanny ability to grab your attention. It’s been said that if a man is powerful enough, he can speak in a whisper and everyone will listen. DBIZZ is not whispering, but nor is he compelled to shout to get his point across and/or his story told. As it stands, DBIZZ has ensured that the pressure is on.

Clay Burton