“Deep Inside Your Mind” is the new single from Southern California trio, Dizzy Box Nine.

“Deep Inside Your Mind” is the new single from Southern California trio, Dizzy Box Nine. Sounding like a solid pop rock track, Dizzy Box Nine mixes incredibly bright guitar riffs with buoyant surface lyrics. It won’t take long for this song to go deep inside your mind with the snappy “let me show, show you.”

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Sounding so much more than a three-piece, “Deep Inside Your Mind” has a fullness especially in the drum sector. The rhythm and time beats with emphasis on rim shots. Just when the listener thinks the drum is going to break-away, the guitars take the lead and the harmonious riffs guard the space. When the words “don’t you stand so close, I want you the most” appear in the lyrics, it feels like the story line involves a relationship where the other person is really struggling. But that could describe any of us, at any given time in our lives. There’s confusion and doubt, along with struggle and progress.

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The vocals are right in tow with a band that has a polished overall sound. “Deep Inside Your Mind” checks all the necessary pop rock boxes. That’s not to say that they don’t have a rawness in their core. I felt a sense of innovation and intuitiveness in the instruments with each listen. This band has definitely played with each other for years, and the they know the compass direction of their music. Dizzy Box Nine isn’t trying to mimic another band’s sound. “Deep Inside Your Mind” is seemingly the culmination of a band that honors the pop rock roots in American music and buttons it up into the modern California rock package. They have this layer of garage rock, this immergence of a fiery guitar sound that is just on the cusp. Dizzy Box Nine would appeal to a wide swath of music lovers – everyone from Green Day, to Better Than Ezra to Blink 182 to The Smashing Pumpkins.

Dizzy Box Nine is based in the Los Angeles area and features Randy Ludwig (singer and guitarist), Tony Robles (guitar) and Ryan Gio (drums). Previous releases include Electric Illusion (2017) and the follow-up Pop Fantasy (2019). “Deep Inside Your Mind” is from the upcoming album, Faster Than Anticipation. Locals might have seen the band perform at the legendary club, The Mint. Unlike the band’s name, the listener isn’t dizzy, but rather keenly focused and happily secure in the catchy hit “Deep Inside Your Mind”.

Clay Burton