Dominique the Wildflower…”The Epitome of Eclectic Sass”

Dominique the Wildflower…”The Epitome of Eclectic Sass”

“The Epitome of Eclectic Sass”, Dominique the Wildflower refuses to be limited by genre induced labels of modern times.

Pulling her inspiration from a wide array of experiences, textures, sounds, tastes, smells, Dominique the Wildflower uses all of her senses to create sonic masterpieces that envelope the mind, body, and soul.

A native of Miami, Florida, she grew up with flavors of Southern sass, Caribbean class, and Latin luster forming a melting pot of spices and sweetness and strength all wrapped into one accounting for a more global/international outlook on her ideas of music, art, and life as a whole.

As a child, Dominique the Wildflower attributes most of her music taste from her father who play old records, cassettes, and burned CD’s of the blues, soul, funk, jazz, r&b, rock, reggae and any other music that fed the spirit with pride, culture, and history of where her roots lie.

This influence was rounded off by her grandmother’s insistence that she attended church every Sunday and sing in the choir so a deep croon of gospel undertones surely spring up from time to time within the depths of her musical creations.

Dominique the Wildflower is an independent artist producing, recording, singing, songwriting, promoting and creating all album artwork, priding herself in the raw and imperfect approach to her art form, loving the life and human touch of spirit guided creations.

She feels as if art itself is an experiment of experiences expressed through various avenues and music is one of the purest forms of all so why not keep it raw and alive…

Check out and support Dominique the Wildflower’s most recent creative masterpiece ” The Higher, The Heil” on her site

Dominique the Wildflower

Dominique the Wildflower. Miami, Florida. Don't Fear… Just Feel What's Real… Epitome of Eclectic Sass. Crystal Conduit. Healer. Vault Vibes Dealer. Archaic Appealer. Earth Energy Enthusiast. Ancient Aura Artist. Sultry Singer/Songwriter. Starseed. Tribal Roots. Cosmic Boots.