Electric Enemy ‘Save Me’ Single Review

Electric Enemy ‘Save Me’ Single Review

Introducing Electric Enemy, a London based band with an unbelievable ability to make music that cuts through the noise. Accompanied by driving guitar riffs are met by perfectly crafted melodies, delivering a grown-up sound their latest single ‘Save Me’ embodies this band’s ethos comfortably.

Electric Enemy speaks to a generation who have heard it all before and who demand quality and authenticity from their music; along with songs they can revel in and relate to.

Save Me tells the story of a broken world but gives hope for the future – the bands’ message is born from their response to the world around them and is delivered with heartfelt angst.

This single follows the band’s debut release ‘Climb’ which gained positions on Spotify and Amazon playlists, including ‘Hot New Bands’ (42k) and ‘Best New Bands’, and was featured on Amazing Radio and the BT TV playlist.

Now back in the studio, Electric Enemy made up of Jim, Orlando, Sara, and Tom are aiming to follow up the distinctive sound of ‘Save Me’ with future single releases soon to come.

Electric Enemy – Save Me by Electric Enemy

Stream and Download ffm.to/save_me LYRICS: Tired of building walls, keeping out aggressive souls, Trapped by my design, what’s the weather like outside? Wake! Oh Sleeper rise, find out who controls the skies. See beyond yourself, and feel beyond yourself. I’ve been wondering if the voices in my head want to, Save Me!