Embrace-all offering from Jonatha Brooke

Embrace-all offering from Jonatha Brooke

Imposter is the latest release from Jonatha Brooke, whose career spans over an impressive 2 decades and seemingly countless music genres. It comes in the wake of her unanimously acclaimed one-woman show, My Mother Has Four Noses and was built on her promise to the crowds at NYC Song Club, where she planned to deliver something new every two weeks.

The result is Imposter, an arms wide-open, embrace-all offering which encourages us to own up to and be proud of our own imperfections. The title track is the perfect example of this, as Brooke sings, “runs in the family / I come from a long line of pretenders,” and encapsulates this confessional spirit with which she bares her soul.

This confident frankness continues to permeate the record, and no more so on the track ‘Firefly’ which deals with the themes of forgiveness and loss in the open and honest way only Brooke can. Her vocal line is always a joy to behold, and she tackles each and every melody with her seasoned and cultivated talent which has been years in the making.

Overall, this five-track EP is a real treat from the musician we have grown to know and love as someone who never colors within the lines – and on Imposter, this is something she truly embraces.

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