Enchanting Singer Sasha Siem Stuns With ‘Flower Flower’

Enchanting Singer Sasha Siem Stuns With ‘Flower Flower’

A celebratory music video of all things harmony and awakening, singer Sasha Siem honours the freedom of love in her latest visual for recent single ‘Flower Flower’.

A song for flow and pleasure, ‘Flower Flower’ as a standalone audio is an erotic and explatory piece of art. Addressing the joy and pleasure and the infinite abundant flow of life, the songs lyrics tackle themes of freedom and being in the flow head. Alongside constant reinforcing of the main message Siem says to us all about being in harmony with oneself and one’s rhyme with life ‘Flower Flower’ should be the mantra to everyone’s everyday lives.

The accompanying music video is an exquisite feast for the senses. Two dancers take the lead role as the infatuated individuals who carry through the narrative, so obviously expressed in the tracks lyrics with the utmost elegance. Dispersed with interludes of beautiful fluttering butterflies made out of flowers to pay homage to the tracks title, ‘Flower Flower’ as a visual is utterly stunning.

Having enjoyed staggering success with the release of her double a-side single ‘Come As The Sun’, alongside ‘Eve’ earlier this year, Siem is looking forward to the future and if Sasha’s latest release of ‘Flower Flower’ is anything to go by, Sasha Siem is destined for stratospheric success.

See Sasha Siem’s ‘Flower Flower’ here.

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Flower Flower – This is a song for flow and pleasure. It’s an erotic song — about joy and pleasure and the infinite abundant flow of life. It’s about the fr…

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‘This album is weaving together all of those parts of my life,’ she says. ‘Until this time I wanted to keep them separate because I thought it was too weird for the pop music scene, but it’s been coming to me that it’s important to bring them together, it’s what makes me different.’