LIVE with Greg Hoy

What’s your next move for this summer? Playing anywhere LIVE?

The band is in the midst of the collective thaw & rebirth of the culture! The new EP ‘Cacophony 2’ is coming in a few weeks along with a very picturesque video for the song ‘Highway 101’. I’m actually in the Jeep all week shooting some footage for it to add to the live stuff we’ve shot in the studio. And we’re rehearsing for the first ‘inside full band’ show on July 4th out here on the west coast. Our homebase club Winters Tavern in Pacifica is throwing an all day ‘Music is Back’-type festival. Then we launch our tour August 12th at Ivy Room in Albany, CA proceeding to hit 20 or show towns all over the midwest.

What big lesson have you learned in regards to your career this year?There’s a podcast that’s been fantastic these past few years called Broken Record. Producer Rick Rubin – one of the most innovative, groundbreaking, and spiritual artists I admire – chats with great musicians. The episode this week is a conversation with Brian Eno (another of my musical heros). Brian talks about the things that make us feel the most ‘alive’ being sex, art, religion, and drugs. With so many things happening to keep us in chaos, I focused on the art side of things (with a bit of wine thrown in there, too).

Making songs, videos, and music kept me buoyant even on my darkest days even if it was a cover or a little how to vid. I’m really excited to follow up on my podcast about mental heath with Samantha on Feel The Music. She’ll be hosting a round table on men’s mental health Monday, June 14th which she graciously asked me to be in.

How excited are you for your upcoming music?

My goodness it’s a great time to make art, isn’t it? Along with the new EP, I’ve written 8 new songs for a concept album about the first couple that lives on Mars (yeah, I can get weird). My dear friends are meeting me at the cottage up near the Canadian border in a few weeks to set up a whole recording studio overlooking Lake Superior. This should at least make for some great stories.

When is it dropping?

The new EP and single will be on all the streaming services the last week of June, and if you want a sneak preview, it’s already up on my bandcamp page.

How do we listen to it?

You can stream us on Spotify, and check out the YouTubes — who doesn’t love a new like and subscriber? And always at

How do we support you?

Support live music and artists! Like their stuff! Go to their shows! Tell them you appreciate them because we appreciate your attention to our work more than you’ll ever know! xo

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