Exclusive Interview with Kopo Magic

Salt Lake City is home to artist making NOISE, Kopo Magic. An harpist, singer and multi instrumentalist, Kopo is a meditation music expert.  His sound healing sessions are highly sought after throughout the region and his Ho’oponopono trainings are becoming known across the globe.  A positive spirit and incredible songwriter, Kopo is an artist you need to get to know.  Read on!

In what genre do you classify your music? 

Meditation, Pop to Hip Hop. Every song is a different genre and style of music. It’s hard to just be one genre.

Where are you from and where do you live currently?

I am from Utah County. The middle of Utah and live in Salt Lake City.

How long have you been making music?

I have been making music from the day I could reach the keys of the piano.

Why did you start making music and when did you decide you wanted to make it a career?

As a young child. I would play on the piano everything song I heart from the radio and church. I would play for ten hours at a time someday. I would play what I felt and made up songs that never ended.

What do you want people to know about the new single SUNSHINE? 

Sunshine is my first remix. It was first a reggae song and evolved into pop. It’s about lighting the fire within one’s self in the darkest times.

What do you feel makes you so unique?

I have always been different and authentic. I have always felt different and experience life from a different prospective. I live out loud and live outside of the box.

Final Message To Fans: life is not easy but if you work hard you can accomplish anything. You can make anything and everything happen in your life. Never ever give up. You are worth it. You are needed and you are worthy of happiness and huge success.

Social Media Links www.facebook.com/kopomagic www.twitter.com/kopomagic www.instagram.com/kopomagic

Music Links www.KopoMagic.com

End of Interview