Exclusive Interview with Lainey Dionne

We want to learn all things Lainey Dionne! How did you get into the music business?

Yay! I got into the music business in depth after graduating Berklee College of Music. I went for Music Business/Management and Audio Production and Engineering because I wanted to set myself up for A&R in case my own music career doesn’t work out in the future. I absolutely love learning about the music business and I learn more and more every day with each new opportunity that comes my way. How I became an artist is a different story. I wrote my first song on an airplane when I was 11 or 12 and have been writing ever since. Each new experience that comes with getting older, getting my heart broken, falling in love again, and gaining and losing friendships comes with a new polaroid that is a song. Writing is absolutely an outlet for me to deal with the depressing and amazing times in life. By pushing my music DIY I’ve had to wear many different music industry hats including booking agent, marketing and merch designer, web designer, studio musician, performer, writer, sync agent, manager, distributor, etc. I love every part of it. It’s all me; I put my soul into every little behind the scenes thing and I enjoy the fact that you’re getting me entirely through every step of my music.

Do you get involved in the business of it all or do you concentrate on the creative side more?

I am heavily involved in the business side of it as well as the creative side. It’s kind of a tug of war. Some days songs are just flowing out of me and I’m full of ideas. Other days my heart is set on pushing my music as far as it can go in the industry and I’m hungry for the industry drive. It all depends on the day and what I’ve gone through recently. If I had something really exciting or really sad happen- I may want to write it out, or maybe I’ll want to distract myself by doing the behind the scenes stuff. It all depends on what kind of mood I’m in that directs the grind.

What has been really imperative advice you’ve received to balance it all?

I don’t know if I have received advice on balance. Maybe the only competition you have is you. If you are doing better than where you were last year, then you are doing a good job. How I personally balance everything is to make a million lists and make sure I take time to decompress and do something that has nothing to do with music. Sometimes managing yourself can feel like a chore so it is important to balance that out with something else so you’re not overwhelmed with music overload.

Can you share what’s behind the success of how you make sure to have all areas of your professional and personal life running smoothly?

So I assign certain tasks to certain days. Mondays happen to be “submit day” where I submit for opportunities, new gigs, blogs, radio stations, spotify playlists, etc. Each week I do all submissions on Mondays and get that out of the way. That takes me a couple of hours in the morning and then I have my Monday meetings and then I have free time around 4 or 5 to do whatever I’d like. Same goes for any other day of the week that has its own assigned tasks. On the weekends I gig and get to meet new people but most weeknights I’m free to hang out with my friends. Right now I don’t have a boyfriend so it is very easy to focus on myself and my music.

We love the style of your music, could you explain it to someone who hasn’t listened yet?

I’ve been told it sounds like “Billie Eilish, Halsey, k.flay, and Lorde, had an orgy lovechild” but I’d say it’s my crazy love stories of traveling across the world to meet boyfriends and how some boyfriends turned crazy toxic all wrapped up in indie pop bops.

Self Titled is like a musical diary. Were there any hesitations on releasing any tracks on there now?

When I wrote Cumbria, I was really hesitant on calling it that because it is never said in the song. Cumbria is the region in England where the boy I wrote it about lives- so that was obviously about him but I ended up being okay with it. Wake Up Call was scary to release because that song is so so so specific to that relationship to the point where his name is hidden in the song. Everything in that song is 100% extremely specific to my experience so that song was a little intimidating to release but it ended up being everyone’s favorite!

How can our audience become supporters of yours?

I would absolutely love to get a dm from anyone that likes my music! You can find all my music and all my social media on www.laineydionne.com or the links below:

Self-Titled Album: www.laineydionne.com/self-titled

Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/4EaKMngmssLu9FK6TpUfyJ

iTunes/Apple: music.apple.com/us/artist/lainey-dionne/1180235060

Instagram: www.instagram.com/laineysmusic/

TikTok: www.instagram.com/laineysmusic/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/laineysmusic

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/laineydionne

Twitter: twitter.com/laineydionne

Bandcamp: laineydionne.bandcamp.com/

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

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