Exclusive Interview with Lanny Paul

Lanny Paul is an alternative rock artist coming out STRONG from Long Beach Ca.  We spent some time getting to know more about the man behind the fresh modern rock sound.

Thank you for this interview opportunity, please share with us how you developed your unique sound and when did you become an official band?

I have been developing the voice for a decade and a half.. I was not going to be satisfied with a weak powerless voice.. I have been hammering my pipes, repeatedly forever I feel, finally shaping them to a point where I can stand hearing it and liking tp hear it… difficult for me to achieve. I am so much my worst critic.  Effen good with it now..

How do you balance a touring rock lifestyle with a regular life as an emerging artist?

I have kept it to limited hours partitioned for my craft weekly, practice in my car mostly, or in hotel rooms while traveling.  My day job consists of slots of creative detail and I love both of my jobs. Technically I have really never worked a day in my life, because I love my job.  It’s the only way for me

If you had to describe your sound with only one song of yours, which one would you choose?  

“Stronger”  is based on coming back stronger.  It was actually written overnight for a motorcycle freestyle rider that is coming back from injury, turns out she is only into death metal,  so it is so globally workable!   I claimed it, I go big or go home usually.

Favorites from your upcoming album? 

I wake up to Hopeless and Stronger, It pumps me up. I primarily listen to my own music, sort of to make sure it stays good in my head; for long periods of time without me getting sick of hearing it.  That’s the QC dept around here.

If you had the opportunity to meet one band or artist who would you choose and why?

Linkin Park guys, I have been wanting to meet them forever!  So very sad to say I missed that opportunity. I also really like new emerging artist Billie Eilish.. I’m liking the new sound she is bringing.

How do you feel the independent alternative rock music scene is evolving and do you like where it’s headed?

I think it is on the verge of making a comeback.  hope the f so, because we need it.

We all have “aha” moments that help us continue on our journey.  What have been your “aha” moments in the music industry?

Getting music to the people, different ways to deliver present themselves every day!  This is forever changing  the ahas,  as far as vocal ahas, I find them to this day! Controlling the voice with hundreds of muscles you can’t see leads to a lot of aha’s

What does 2020 have in store for you?

Lots of new music delivered and some touring and fulfillment of a lot of peoples lives needing some new music in my Genre.  I love to impress with some new sound both vocally, and instrumentally. We are always looking for ways to be more cutting edge, and impressing ourselves, and the listeners. They usually enjoy my self inflicted vocal pain!!!

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End of Interview