Exclusive Interview with NoBS

Talk to us about the process in releasing your latest album?

Our latest album is a recording from 1981. It was a live performance early in our career. We found it on some cassettes that had been recorded.

Who produced it?

Our executive producer was Deb Greco. And there’s a song that was produced by David Kahne, as a single back in the 80s, Mystic Eyes.

Was there any challenge in the studio?

David Williams and I had to remaster from the cassettes to discs.

Where are you playing it LIVE?

Our next performance of the record will be on September 9 at the Maui Sugar Mill in Tarzana California.

Who are you listening to right now on the radio?

Everything I can.

Leave us with something fans may not know about The NoBS?

The core of the band is three brothers, Scott, Brad & David Parker.

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End of Interview