Exclusive Interview with Rebel Muzik

What is something new that you’re trying to do right now in your career?  

Something new I’m trying to do right now is breakthrough into the Electronic/pop music scene as a producer, I am originally from a caribbean background (Trinidad & Tobago) that only produced caribbean music up until pre covid last year.

What do you think is worse, trying and failing or not trying at all?  

In my opinion, not trying at all is the worst, I believe that every failure is just a lesson

How do you go about lifting your confidence on a daily basis? 

I have the worst confidence ever! Lol and an extreme introvert but when I look at my 1 year old daughter everyday, that’s the ultimate confidence booster I need to get thru

What do you think is the most important takeaway you want fans to receive from your music and you as an artist?  

The most important takeaway from my music I want people to have is the feeling of happiness and joy, even if its a sad song, just the joy of listening to a your fav verse, chorus or even just an instrument in the music, if it resonates with you in any way and gives you a great feeling ? That’s all I need

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