Exclusive Interview with ROze Gld

What has this time of social distancing been like for you? Has it given you more time to focus on music or do you find it more difficult?

I have been really inspired during this time.  I am writing and producing everyday.  I am feeling extremely grateful for the health of my family and friends.  I have experienced all the human emotions at some point in this journey, and that makes writing music easier.  Fear, anger and frustration, Joy, Love, hope, all these feelings inspire me.  I have learned however that if I feel stuck in difficult emotions it is harder to create.  I meditate and turn everything over to a greater connection to guide me away from fear and towards love.   This has really helped me stay in peace and a  creative space.  That being said, I have a 5 yr. old daughter, so I am actually very busy!  When I’m not with her I am defiantly more focused on Music!

Tell us something that sets you apart from other artists – what makes you unique?

I think every artist is unique and full of magic.  I have had an interesting journey through life.  I am a recovering addict, watching so many great talents suffer and die too young from addiction drives me forward.  I am also a mother and after my daughter was born I looked at music with new eyes.  I feel a love I never knew was possible and it reminds me what really matters is enjoying this crazy ride.  It has helped me keep creating when I wanted to give up.

Have you written any new music this year – any plans to release anything?

I am releasing my first solo EP 5/11/20.  I am so excited to share this new sound with the world.  I will also be releasing a couple singles, some remixed and lots of collaborations.  I love how artists are working together more across genres.  This EP has 3 songs with guest features.  I feel so blessed to know so many talented artists in NYC and around the world.

What music are you listening to the most right now? Any particular artist?

Well, this EP was very inspired by Halsey, Lorde, Billie Eilish, but recently I have gotten more into R&B, SZA, Kalahni.  I also love the whole Pop Reggaton trend.

Tell us your favorite quarantine snack?

Hmmm, I have been baking a lot of Vegan/GF muffins.  Carrot ginger is my favorite!

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I just want to encourage people to stay positive and inspired in this crazy time.  We need to look towards light in times of darkness.  Also, don’t forget to follow @r0zegld on all the platforms!  I have a ton of fun live streams coming up.  Don’t forget r ZERO zgld.  No o in gold.  XO

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End of Interview