Exclusive Interview with Ryan Flynn

Ryan! What have you been up to so far in this new year with your music? 

So far, this new year has brought a new home for us! My girlfriend and I are now living in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. I always feel that your environment has a special part of your creative inspiration and drive so I’m certainly looking forward to what these Arizona vibes bring to my music. I’ve already started writing some tracks on the road that I’m stoked to get out there. I’m also looking forward to using the beautiful landscapes of Arizona to start filming some new music videos for the upcoming tracks!

What’s the best part of being an artist in 2021? 

The best part of being an artist in 2021 is being part of what I think will be an incredible renaissance of art, music and culture. I feel as though 2020 was a way to wash away everything we thought we knew about ourselves, our art and just the art we knew and loved in general. It’s exciting to be riding this next wave of creativity and passion.

What has been the most deeply personal song you’ve written? 

I would say the most deeply personal song I’ve written would be my first of the recent releases, “Seems Like Yesterday.” The lyrics of the track really reflect on how much change 2020 brought about and how nothing is guaranteed. It’s not a negative track by any means. It’s more meditative; remembering to enjoy what has happened, but to enjoy what is about to happen even more. I think it’s also deeply personal in the sense of it being the first new song I had released since 2019. It’s always refreshing to finally release new music and art to the world.

Can you talk to us about the reaction you’ve gotten from your latest release “Outside”? 

The reaction I’ve had from the latest release ‘Outside’ has been absolutely stellar! The music video is doing incredibly well on YouTube and the streams keep piling in on Spotify. I can’t thank all of my amazing friends, family and super Orb-praising fans out there for their love!

Where can our readers go and follow you and listen to your music? 

I would love for your readers to follow me and dig the tunes on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Instagram, Instagram and Bandcamp. I’ll provide the links below!



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End of Interview