Exclusive Interview with Shandy and Eva

What inspired your latest single?

Our latest single was inspired by all of the conflicts that have been happening all around the world. “Tacy Sami” was written during the time of political and ideological divide in Poland. The song is not only about the issues that are happening in Poland but also about all of the chaos, the hate and the divisions that are tearing us apart all over the world. We felt like we couldn’t stay silent anymore so we decided to pour all of the pain and sadness into this song. And what we learned during this pandemic is that we are all ‘the same’ (“Tacy Sami”) doesn’t matter the skin color, gender, sexuality, religion or beliefs.

How does this song differentiate from your songs in the past?

The songs that we usually sing are kind of light and are mostly about love or heartbreak. But this song is more edgy and the choices that we’ve made stylistically is different than anything we have ever done before.

How did you know when the song was finished?

We have been working on this song for almost a year and we initially wanted to release it in December of 2020 but we felt like it wasn’t the right time and we didn’t want to rush anything. And we are very happy that we waited because the song gained even more meaning over the past months. For example there were a lot of women protests against a very strict abortion law that Polish government recenlty presented, that’s why we decided to release it on March 8th, International Women’s Day, to give it even more meaning. But as mentioned above, the song is supposed to be universal, not only about women issues in Poland or in the world, but about intolerance and indifference in general, which unfortunately are the tendencies that we observe a lot nowadays.

Who did you share the song with first? 

We shared the song first with our family and friends. It was a work in progress for a long time so we listened to a lot of drafts together before we had the final version, but the input of our friends was very important.

What’s next for you?

We are hoping to be able to start working on our next album as soon as possible. Because of the pandemic things are running behind so we are really hoping to start the process as soon as possible. Also we would love to play shows, go on tour and play for an audience sometime soon. It has been too long.

Where can fans connect and listen to you?

Our music is on all of the streaming services and you can find us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.




For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview