Exclusive Interview With Top 20 iTunes Chart Artist Tia McGraff

Exclusive Interview With Top 20 iTunes Chart Artist Tia McGraff

Canadian singer-songwriter Tia McGraff is an award-winning singer-songwriter and children’s book author. Her music has received airplay and charting around the globe, and she even has a Top 20 iTunes chart single! Ms. McGraff took time out from her writing and touring schedule to answer a few questions for us in this exclusive interview…

IMAAI: Hi Tia! We’ve been fans of yours since the release of your song, “Crazy Beautiful.” Thanks for sitting down with us for an interview. You have such a beautiful voice and rootsy style. Tell us, what inspires Tia McGraff to create?
Tia McGraff: Thank you so much, my Crazy Beautiful friends! Life inspires me. Every day there is something to be grateful for and that includes ideas for songs. It might be something someone says or an event etc. But I wait for the Spirit to inspire me and when I get that little “buzz” in my heart, I know we have been given an idea to write a song.

IMAAI: What was the inspiration behind your latest single, “Stubborn in my Blood?”
TM: There is a lot of conversation these days about diversity and ethnicity. I look at this way, if you are born in Canada then you are either of First Nations descent or an immigrant or refugee. My grandparents were immigrants and refugees, Transylvanian and Scot. I think of the amount of tenacity they must have had to leave their countries and move to a new land. I am blessed to carry their banner in my music!

IMAAI: What has been the biggest thrill for you, personally, regarding your music?
TM: Meeting my husband and partner in music, Tommy Parham. We met and married in Nashville and have been traveling the world sharing the gift of music with our friends and fans. How thrilling is that!!!

IMAAI: Congrats on many successes, awards, achievements…you’re even had your video for “Crazy Beautiful” selected by some pretty big film festivals. How did that come about?
TM: Crazy Beautiful was an amazing video to create. Our friend Jonathan Edwards produced and filmed the video here in our home and at a nearby horse stable. The horses in the video are part of a local EAGALA program (horses healing humans). The video was released into the universe and with the help of our promoter, Michael Stove (MTS Management), the video has been receiving some amazing placements.

IMAAI: How important is social media in today’s music world, and how do you think the industry has changed over the past decade?
TM: I rely on social media to not only get the word out about our upcoming events, make fans, but also to share and engage in feedback from my fans. I will get ideas for new venues, or songs, etc. I’ve even found it exciting that fans are meeting and making friends with other fans from around the world! All through my social media.

IMAAI: You’ve performed all over the world. Where is your favorite place to play, and any place you’d like to play that you haven’t?
TM: We love performing in the UK and look forward to our annual tour. This will be our 13th or 14th time touring the UK in Sept. I’ve been invited to perform in my grandmother’s church in Transylvania. It was built in the 1200’s and was where she sang when she was a girl. I’m hoping to do that in 2002.

IMAAI: You’re heading to Tampa at the end of the month?
TM:Yes, we’ve been nominated for a POSI Award in Tampa on March 31! This is so exciting to have the opportunity to sing, Let Em See Your Strong on the awards stage in front of so many people all celebrating positive music!

IMAAI: Tell us about “Jake the Road Dawg.”
TM:Jake The Road Dawg is my first children’s book based on the life of a travelling musician through our dog’s eyes. We rescued Jake while living in Nashville and he has been on the road with us ever since. The story is about finding your place in your family, your own voice in the world, and the song in your heart. We travel to schools and libraries sharing our stories and songs performance and Jake The Road Dawg.

IMAAI: Any parting words for your fans, Tia?
TM: It’s getting harder, every day, to be a touring and recording artist. The venues are struggling to stay alive and the cost of traveling is going up. Please help keep indie music alive by going to the concerts and buying the music. We can’t do this without you and love you all!

For more information, please visit www.tiamcgraff.com.

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The Pittsburgh-based country music artist and actor has released his first new music since his critically acclaimed “Legacy” debut album. This is kick-you-in-the-can country, if I’ve ever heard it before”- Michael Stover, President, MTS Management Group “Matt has a knack for embracing all of the cherished parts of Americana that made country special in the first place.”