Five reasons, and ONE SONG that should be on your quarantine playlist… Giulia’s ‘Trippin’

Five reasons, and ONE SONG that should be on your quarantine playlist… Giulia’s ‘Trippin’

It’s only two weeks into quarantine (three for some) and we’ve all been bombarded with quarantine playlists from every which angle. But there are five reasons why Giulia’s ‘Trippin’ should be on all of them.

SUPPORT INDIE ARTISTS. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times. Independent and smaller artists and bands are the ones who are going to suffer the most as a result of the coronavirus lockdown and absence of all live shows. If there are artists you should be giving your money to, it’s the ones who are less likely to benefit from millions of Spotify streams. And now that’s out of the way, onto the reasons why Giulia should be the one.
She gives a damn about the earth. Giulia made a name for herself performing an acoustic set for Earth Hour, which encourages everyone to turn off lights and electrics and just be. Giulia did this beautifully with acoustic versions of her songs and a candlelit performance. Truly a spectacular show. And we stan an environmental queen.
The video for ‘Trippin’ is the perfect escape route when you’re under house arrest. Not only does this video take you outside, but it takes you out of this world as a whole. We see our intrepid explorer Giulia taking her spaceship up, up and away on an adventure through the stars. The perfect escape for when those quarantine blues really hit!
It’s part one of a triptych. One of several things that sets this song apart from the rest of the pact is that its part of a music video trilogy. With the other two parts set to drop later this year (coronavirus allowing), make sure you watch part one NOW so you don’t get left behind!
The song itself is a vibe. ‘Trippin’ straddles that weird boundary between a club song and a properly chilled out tune. It has beats, but they’re laid back. It ramps up to the chorus, but when it breaks, it’s sublime. This song is one you have to hear to believe, so don’t just take my word for it.

Watch the video below and make sure you add this to your quarantine playlist!

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