for KING & COUNTRY: Rescuing Christmas

for KING & COUNTRY are the duo who are here to rescue Christmas 2020. It may be the season to stay at home and sit on a Zoom call with your family, but it’s also the season to blast ‘A Drummer Boy Christmas’ at top volume and watch this fantastic band bring light and happiness during a year where things are a little bit… off.

Their first ever Christmas album contains reimaginings of some of the most popular hymns, as well as their own original offering, ‘Heavenly Hosts’. The pair also recently appeared in Headliner magazine in order to speak about their creative process and what their hopes are for the coming year.

This music is heartwarming and special, and will remind anyone feeling a little down on their luck this year, that Christmas can still exist in a world turned upside down, and that there are still chances to spread love and joy.

for King & Country

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