“Forever On” from Australian rock band, skinsNbones

If you’re betting on a race of what rockers are going to be out front by this year’s end, or even into 2021, you’d be in a great position, and have a lot of skin in the game (as they say) with the Australian rock band, skinsNbones. Comprised from a few different bands and led by singer Jason Kafoa, their new song “Forever On” easily races into the top spot for one of 2020’s best singles. Poignant lyrics, strong guitar orchestration, a superb rhythm section – “Forever On” (Bongo Boy Records) never drags or lets on as anything but classic.

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If you had to do it all again, would you? The lyrics in “Forever On” seem to suggest, nah, your past makes you ‘you’. Beautifully composed, lines like this life ain’t about luck, I’ve bruises that remind, and make me very thankful, open up into bigger lines near the song’s end like through journeying I’ve learned through difference you’ll find, that no footstep is worthless. Kafoa’s magnificent vocals make the words stick even harder. You can tell he’s singing from his gut, as the guitar gently weaves around his projection in an even smoother way. The guitar is very melodic and not fancy, but stirring. It’s more blues based than what you might think, and it’s a nice compliment to Kafoa’s voice.

Forever On by skinsNbones feat. Jason Kafoa

This song is an Ode to Mental Difference, to help change perception, to learn it has all-ways added beauty and greatness to the world, been a huge part of th…

I felt like this song is the hard rock version of Robert Frost’s “The Road Less Traveled’. Spruced up like a refurbished muscle car, “Forever On” drives the listener into many corners of their mind and memories. Rather than a manic, chaotic delivery, skinsNbones put forth a finely tuned effort that rides like a dream. “Forever On” feels like it has put on the miles, but still rides like you just drove her off the lot. There’s been a lot of care put into the words of this song and it comes across very poetic to the listener. Even the drums are running smooth, a steady beat to remind the listener to keep time (and time is always ticking). I could hear the bass guitar at times, but the guitar really takes the lead in terms of the stringed instrumentation. Kafoa seems right at home behind the mic and very comfortable working his magic into this song. Still, I think the biggest injection of talent is the songwriting. “Forever On” has excellent lyrical content. I can’t stress that enough.

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Queensland, Australia is home for skinsNbones. They have a great sound, and one can hope they can take the energy from “Forever On” to catapult them into the global scene. I think the chances are very high for skinsNbones to have success on the various rock charts. Kudos to them for a great sound and a great song. If you’re into hard rock and classic rock (especially bands like early AC/DC, Humble Pie, Faces, Peter Frampton and Foghat), it’s worth the bet on skinsNbones. They are definitely in the game and gunning for a lead. Time will tell, but my guess is they’re definitely grateful for the ride.

Clay Burton

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