Genevieve – New Single ‘DREAMS’ Out 16th October

Dreams is the new ambitious debut single from London born and based singer/songwriter Genevieve. With a synth-folk sound the song is imbued with nimble crescendoing vocals and rich complexity.

Genevieve writes thoughtful songs with an authentic and distinctly female voice. In ‘Dreams’ she sheds light on a challenging relationship trying to find balance. Penned in the heart of the city overlooking London, the song tells the story of dream-like longings as they shift focus into lucid reality.

Genevieve was hands-on in development of the heavily emotive sound. Working in the studio with long-time friend and accomplished producer Jonjo, she approached the song as a dramatic aria and combined with his colourful synths for an experimental composition that unfolds a little more each listen.

Genevieve is an artist fearless in going deeper, in delicately confronting what we sometimes avoid. She pushes boundaries on many levels in her nuanced approach with a sound that journeys to majestic peaks and haunting depths.

This year sees her release three singles, each one a powerful standalone piece. Her first single “Dreams” is brought to fruition with a 16mm music video shot on location at Barbican and directed by Marion Bergin.

Genevieve is a singer/songwriter born and raised in London. Educated in jazz, her sound animates layers of melody into elaborate compositions. Eloquent lyrics combined with empathic vocals tell stories with sincerity. Orchestral arrangements and vocal harmonies place her somewhere between synth folk and chamber pop, a complexity of sound with a rich and undulating intensity.

Genevieve’s musical acumen was apparent from a young age. Her earliest memories recall singing along to classical music as she sat with her father. A household backdrop of Van Morrison, Prince and Destiny’s child provided a diverse landscape of musical influences which she later honed to Jazz. The adventurous harmonies, experimental percussion and storytelling of the genre ignited her passion, so she went on to pursue it as a course of study, gaining a degree in Jazz from Middlesex University.

The great jazz musicians of our time as well as singer/songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake influenced the development of her unique sound as she carved a niche to call her own. Genevieve writes with a “hunger that needs satiating”, “painting lyrics” in experimental patterns. At times her voice commands power, sometimes it haunts and echoes, others it softens to something more delicate. An emerging artist but an academically accomplished musician she meticulously crafts her sound.



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