George Lincoln Announces New Album: Reflections

Following on from the modest success of his first EP, Georgeolian Mode (2021), the UK based singer and producer has announced his first full-length album: Reflections.

Reflections is an album composed and produced by George Lincoln which features five minimal compositions (or ‘reflections’), as well as an electronic Overture and two Musical Interludes.

In three of the reflections, the same musical idea is expressed throughout the piece, and the track shifts and develops by the changing use of technology. Whilst three of the reflections were created using only computer software and ‘in-the box-processing’, Reflections III and V were created using analogue signal processing outside of a computer. The use of the analogue circuitry gives these two compositions a unique and raw characteristic. On the other hand, the album’s Overture features atmospheric synth strings and synthesizer, and was inspired by George Lincoln’s love for classic Sci Fi movies.

Reflections will be released online to all platforms on 1 March 2022, and is avaliable for pre-order from 22 January 2022.

About George Lincoln:

George Lincoln is a Music Producer and Choral Singer from the UK. Before studying in the Daphne Oram School of Creative Arts at Canterbury Christ Church University, he was a member of choirs such as the Winchester Cathedral Youth Choir, and the London Oriana Choir. Today, he continues to work on a wide range of musical projects.

George Lincoln

George Lincoln is a Classical Singer, Producer, and Composer of Electronic Music.