Giadora releases Debut Single “Twisted”


Los Angeles based pop vocalist Giadora hits an early high point in her career with her first single release “Twisted”. It shows the same commitment to mastering detail and atmosphere alike. You hear the latter focus manifest itself from the outset; the synthesizer heavy introduction has an expansive and unearthly sound before the track soon settles into a loose, confident groove. She doesn’t overreach when the song hits its chorus – there is an obvious modulation of intensity but Giadora refrains from pushing things too far into the red and upsetting the song’s balance. It never taxes your patience either – there are no sideshows worked into this arrangement and everything is functional, never ornamental.

The lyrics are far from regular for a dance influenced track. Giadora is an obviously skilled lyricist capable of summarizing difficult situations and themes with only a few words. She pulls apart the web of emotions you might experience in the aftermath of a relationship filled with lies with equal parts passion and finesse. The brevity of the track serves it best during the chorus. It doesn’t mince words and puts a worthy exclamation point on the track. The range of feelings she explores with her writing likewise allows her to show off her phrasing talents.

“Twisted”, even if its electronic sound dominates the track, nonetheless has a warm human sound. The bass and backbeat are in lockstep from the first and lay down an infectious groove while the synths and keyboards avoid the shrill sheen they achieve in the hands of lesser talents. She shows a shrewd understanding of how dynamics influence a song’s success evidenced by her singing and the arrangement alike. She cuts her voice to fit the mood of the music and her talent for dovetailing her sound into the arrangement reinforces its dramatic possibilities. She also orchestrates the song with such a level of coherence that creates a sonic narrative listeners will unconsciously follow.

There are more singles to come in forthcoming months but it is apparent why Giadora chose “Twisted” as the opening curtain for her career. It has the ability to connect with a wide audience while still impressing longtime and hardcore music fans. This mix of a casual audience with more exacting listeners promises there will be an ever growing public for her work. She deserves it. Giadora has fostered and developed her talents since her pre-teen years and her diligence has rewarded her with an opportunity to one day headline the music world’s biggest stages. This single brings her closer to that dream.

It also tells us much about the performer. Giadora is a singer/songwriter connected to everyday life, not concerned with fashion above the personal, and brings something of herself to everything she does. Her willingness to learn and grow means her future is more or less boundless and she has positioned herself to experience as much as she can while always preserving and stoking the initial spark inspiring her to create. The cathartic qualities of her music cannot be ignored. Regardless if it is ripped from the pages of her own life, Giadora needed to sing this song.


Clay Burton