Gigi Vega’s Latest Single “Down Crazy”

Gigi Vega’s latest single “Down Crazy” marks another step for her on the road to inevitable global stardom. The versatile performer, a dancer, and a choreographer as well as a singer, debuted with her single “Mistletoe Kiss” in 2020 and has set a furious pace since her arrival. “Down Crazy” signals a slight shift in perspective for her songs as Vega focuses, instead, on the end of a relationship. It isn’t mired in despair, however. It’s a near-exultant track, moving with a sultry mid-tempo groove, but has stylishness to burn. Each new release from Vega sounds more confident than the last and the evolution of this gifted singer from her first single until now is nothing short of impressive.


There’s no sign of her slowing down either. The video accompanying the single release illustrates the confidence mentioned earlier without ever seeming arrogant or distant from her audience. She exudes the ever-elusive quality of stardom, without a doubt, but has approachability as well. Her vocals weave their way through the lyrics and musical arrangement with simmering emotion and that hint of cool dismissiveness in her voice put some extra bite into the cut. Multitracking her vocal parts gives the song a noticeable uplift as well.

The chorus is one of the most effective portions of the song. It strikes a gentle but clear crescendo in the musical arrangement thanks to the song’s percussion. The pre-programmed nature of Vega’s backing doesn’t affect the song’s ability to connect with listeners – both the drumming and synthesizers alike have welcome warmth. The music is here to provide her voice with a forum, yes, but “Down Crazy” provides plenty of bang for your entertainment buck and holds up under multiple listens.

Down Crazy – Gigi Vega (Official Music Video)

Desert oasis, summer pool party. Super fun vibe, but the clingy ex-boyfriend, Josh, wants to get back together. Gigi’s message to him is loud and clear… AN…

It’s her vocal discussed earlier that’s the star. Her voice alternates between angelic effervescence and silky smoothness without ever sounding false. She does an excellent job physically embodying the vocal throughout the song’s video. Her experience as a choreographer has a positive influence on the clip as there’s plenty of dancing but, make no mistake, Vega’s ambitions are more than just shakin’ it for viewers.

The video’s underlying concept, the lavish attention paid to atmospherics and color, and its polish set it apart from the average fare. It’s a great overall package. Pairing such a visually stunning video with an appealing pop gem such as this is a shrewd move at this stage in Vega’s career as it will only spike her momentum moving into the future. It serves notice she is ready for prime time.

Down Crazy

Listen to Down Crazy on Spotify. GiGi Vega · Song · 2021.

A final ingredient distinguishing Vega’s “Down Crazy” from the work of many peers and contemporaries is craftsmanship. The less than three minute long running time of the song shows she’s not here to waste your time, she wants to entertain, she wants to get you moving, and the track delivers. You can expect to be hearing more from Gigi Vega in the near future. She’s on the precipice of something momentous and no one should expect her to take the foot off the gas now.

Clay Burton