Giovanna’s ‘Can’t Go Back’ shortlisted for Moscow Shorts

Giovanna’s ‘Can’t Go Back’ shortlisted for Moscow Shorts

In Russia, as in many countries, folklore is at the core of the culture. This makes storytelling an important part of the media and culture, throughout the ages. Now, wonderfully adapted to fit modern-day culture and media, the Moscow Shorts International Short Film Festival is the perfect example of a traditional carrying on and adapting to the fast-paced and digitally-charged modernity of life in the 21st century.

The competition is monthly and has most recently included the haunting official music video for Giovanna’s ‘Can’t Go Back’, directed by Luke Bradford, in its most recent shortlist. Directed by Bradford and inspired by Giovanna’s ideas and synopsis, this wonderful video really must be seen to be believed.

The video opens with Giovanna lying in a forest, holding a snow globe that contains a church. We are soon transported into the church itself, space which serves as a perfect reflection of Giovanna’s ethereal piano- and synth-driven melodies and powerful vocals. The atmosphere created is one of painful recollection, as home movies are interspersed with Giovanna gazing out of the window and playing the piano in this abandoned yet beautiful church, as the snowflakes fall around her.

It’s easy to see why this video has been nominated – it’s a beautiful encapsulation of melancholy and longing to return to the past which is all underpinned by Giovanna’s powerful vocals. The range of Giovanna’s voice is particularly impressive on this track, which showcases her ability to translate emotions into everything from a whisper to a full-on belt and take this experience into something truly heartfelt and almost primal in its raw expression.

Fitting for a nominee of a film festival, Giovanna’s roots actually lie in film scoring, illustrating how her music can truly transcend boundaries of media types. It means that each song this talent releases is more than just a listening experience – it’s something which can hit from all angles and taps into each of the senses to truly manipulate your emotions, as well as get stuck in your head.

Oh, and it can probably win a film festival too.

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