Giovanna’s masterpiece in ethereal pop: ‘Young Heart Player’

Giovanna’s masterpiece in ethereal pop: ‘Young Heart Player’

Fresh off the back of her nomination for the prestigious Moscow Shorts International Short Film Festival, Giovanna returns to the small screen with the breath-taking music video for her masterpiece in ethereal pop – ‘Young Heart Player’.

‘Young Heart Player’ is a tune unlike anything in the charts right now. Yes, it may be driven by synths and female vocals, but these elements are crafted in new ways and into an absolute masterpiece in ethereal pop music. Apparent is Giovanna’s eclectic range of influences and backgrounds in training during this song’s three and a half minute onslaught of catchy pop which nevertheless is still much more interesting and stands out against its competitors in the charts. With her background in film scoring, the song’s indefinable cinematic quality suddenly makes perfect sense.

Accompanying this fantastic song is a music video which perfectly complements the left-of-centre tune. Forgoing any sort of lip-synced video (we do not even see Giovanna’s face during this video – her voice is enough to give us a good picture of who she is), the video instead makes use of gorgeously emotive choreography between a male and female dancer. The video begins with the female dancer clearly being controlled by the male, and it takes the duration of the song for her to gain control and take over.

It’s an inspired piece of choreography which allows the message of the song to ring ever more clearly – this is a song about power dynamics in every type of relationship, not just the romantic kind.

I urge you to watch this video and listen to the song; it’s rare that such an intelligent piece of pop is put out into the world.

Giovanna – Young Heart Player

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