Giulia Takes us behind the scenes of her video for Trippin’

Giulia Takes us behind the scenes of her video for Trippin’

Giulia takes us behind the scenes of her beguiling video for ‘Trippin’ – and into pop perfection.

If you haven’t seen Giulia’s video for ‘Trippin’’ – where have you been? First in a triptych of videos from her upcoming album, ‘Trippin’ tells the story of an intrepid explorer, played by Giulia herself, getting lost in space as she flies amongst star signs and plays in UV light. The video as a finished product is an impressive one which leaves us wanting more – but the road to getting there was paved with scheduling challenges that were faced and overcome by Giulia and her team.

Scheduling the shoots for three different music videos over an intense two-day period was always going to be a challenge, but one to which Giulia and her team rose seemingly effortlessly.

The shoot puts Giulia’s acting ability to the test as she performs in front of a green screen, acting out the spaceship scenes with ease. When it comes to the UV light, she and dancer/performer Ruby Lonsdale work seamlessly together to create visually stunning imagery. It also tests her head for heights and pain tolerance as she is put through her paces quite literally, strapped into a harness and suspended from the ceiling in order to give the impression that she is floating through space.

It’s all worth it in the end though – Giulia and her team have truly created a music video unlike any other. When she blazes off into the outer reaches of the galaxy and the words “to be continued” appear at the bottom of the screen, there is only one question left to be asked – what happens next?

Watch the video for Trippin’ below, and keep an eye out for the videos for ‘Lolita’ and ‘Love to Hate You’ coming very soon…

Giulia – ‘Trippin’ Out’ – Music Video Trilogy Part 1

Part 1 of 3 Music Video Trilogy ‘Trippin’ Out’ performed by Giulia Directed & Produced by: Rupert Bryan DOP: Dennis Madden Production Company: MPH Film Visual FX: Martin Fausk

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