“GLORY of HISTORY” A Hip-Hop Exploration of Voter’s Choice

Artist: The ZYG 808, ft. JJNice & Chris Koch
Genre: Hip-hop
Label: Soul Poets Records/ Polyphonic Studios
Dist: Catapult Music Dist.

The video and Single “GLORY of HISTORY” by The ZYG 808, featuring verses by JJNice and Chris Koch goes live on Bandcamp, Youtube and all streaming platforms on January 21, 2021. Opening with a little-known racist quote from Harry S Truman, the song is a hard look at the political landscape where Black and Brown people have always had to choose between the lesser of two evils as opposed to the candidate that represents their interests. All told to the solid club banger beat that The ZYG 808 is known for. thezyg808.bandcamp.com

Watch “GLORY of HISTORY” Here:

The ZYG 808 | “GLORY of HISTORY”, ft. JJNice & Chri$ Koch

Historically, Black and Brown people have never gotten a real choice in Presidential Elections that actually addressed our concerns; and are always instead l…

A common fact about rappers: the content of their work is based on things they think about, live, see, hear, or imagine. The mind of the rapper is the true launch pad of a song’s content. Rap can be poems, and deep lyrics to get the crowd thinking or chants and grunts to get the crowd hyped at the party. Rappers can talk about parties, sex, violence, drugs, progress, or nonsense… whatever’s on the rapper’s mind. What if the rapper thinks about social and political issues? There we have a brand of hip-hop and youthful expression that is true to the spirit of the form!

A pioneer in the ‘Southcoast Thump’ regional sound of southern New England, The ZYG 808 points to the regional elements of hip-hop as what shapes the sound, including the socially conscious themes of legendary New England hip-hop acts like Busted Fro, Krook Roc, and Tem Blessed. “Glory of History” is the first single from the forthcoming mixtape “BEAT LOUNGE NOTES”.

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