Gravy Flavored Kisses’ Debut Single Screams onto the Charts

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 25, 2011 — After charting their self-released debut single “Chairman of the Board” this month (Mediaguide’s Top 100 Pop New Releases #91, and Radiowave’s Top 100 Pop Prime Movers #21), the bluesy New Orleans-based indie rock, pop and soul artists Gravy Flavored Kisses announced the November 19th release date of their eagerly awaited debut EP “In the Red.” The four-song album features the remastered single “Chairman of the Board,” fellow mid to up-tempo rockers “Somebody’s Hair” and “357,” as well as the mysterious and hallucinogenic “Ghostly Marie.” “It really hits what we’re doing at the moment on the head, and gives people a taste of our music. It’s also kind of dark. There’s infidelity, a couple of murders and some other naughty things; it’s all about doing things you’re really not supposed to be doing,” says bandleader and songwriter Jared Castellaw.

In their first commercial release, Gravy Flavored Kisses serves up a platter of timeless original music that is one part Talking Heads, one part Led Zeppelin, one part Sly and the Family Stone, a splash of New Orleans funk and second line, and fleshed out with raw bleeding intensity and blistering urgency. From the opening white-hot guitar riff of “Somebody’s Hair” to the banging funk outro and wailing vocal pleas of female vocal artist and band mate Nasimiyu Murumba in the femme fatal closer “357,” “In the Red”features well-crafted high-energy music of depth, substance and undeniable emotion. It is at times measured and beautiful, out of control, genre bending, and sometimes all of these at once. There are also vocal hooks that will hit you in the gut so hard that you will be guiltily humming them at church the next morning. From start to finish, “In the Red” is a sexy, action-packed introduction to Gravy Flavored Kisses that will give you chills.

“In the Red” will be released Saturday, November 19, 2011, 10:30 p.m. at a double album release party at Le Bon Temps Roule, New Orleans, featuring Gravy Flavored Kisses and Hope Toun Collective, who will be releasing their self-titled debut EP “Hopetoun.” Both bands will be performing material from their debut EPs and other as-of-yet unreleased potent jams. “In the Red” was produced by Adam Baumol. All songs mixed and mastered by New Orleans sound guru Ryan Brown with the exception of “Chairman of the Board,” mixed by Kyle Thompson. Artwork by Carlos Augusto Garcia, featuring Erica Dee. Gravy Flavored Kisses is drummer Adam Baumol, trumpeter Rick Roff, trombonist Curtis Laub, bassist Damon Motto, vocalist Nasimiyu Murumba, and songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Jared Castellaw. “In the Red” will be available online, November 19, 2011, at