Heartbreak and grief are reflected in the minimal synth of ‘About Moving On’

Vissia is an up and coming alt-pop musician from the frozen lands of Canada, with a glacial voice to match. Her latest release is the exquisite ‘About Moving On’, which deals with the non-linear impact of grief and how it can impact you when you least expect it.

Beginning with a drawn out synth intro, Vissia’s vocals eventually come in, painting a scene in a near-cinematic way. You’re at a bar, you’re minding your own business. Then, without warning, the person who shattered your heart walks in. You’re floored.

The concept is simple enough, and musically, the piece doesn’t have many flourishes. But in its simplicity lies its genius – the song is no more, no less than quiet and fervent grief told in song form. It’s heartbreak, pure and simple. Vissia really proves her chops on this track, reminding us that sometimes the tiniest moments can have the biggest impact.

‘About Moving On’ is out now.


“‘About Moving On’ creates an atmosphere and tells a story in a few words better than most artists could do in a whole album.” “Whatever the inspiration behind this belter of a song, it is undeniable that VISSIA is a songwriting and performing force to be reckoned with…