Heartfelt Lyrics Resolve Deep-Seated Family Tension

Heartfelt Lyrics Resolve Deep-Seated Family Tension

JANUARY 21, 2019: When EDM/pop artist Kamryn Marie’s boyfriend popped the question over the holidays, she was thrilled. Her father’s less-than-positive response to this invitation, however, replaced celebration with deep-seated family tension. Realizing her Father’s anger was coming from the fear of losing her, Kamryn decided the best way to reassure her family was to express it how she usually does: through writing. She sat down and wrote “Baby Girl” in just a few minutes before deciding to shoot the music video at a local wedding venue, where she revealed the song to her parents. After sharing tears of joy (both on and off camera), Kamryn is ready to release this deeply personal slow-jam into the world.

“I eventually realized that his hurtful words were because he was scared of me leaving and growing up, so I wrote the song to him and my mother, letting them know that I love them too, but I need to spread my wings and enjoy my new life with my new love,” says Kamryn on writing “Baby Girl.” “Since the song has been shown to them, our relationship has continued to grow stronger.”

Kamryn takes influence from pop icons such as Avril Lavigne, Cassadee Pope and Lauren Alaina when
it comes to her sound. “Baby Girl” is a track consistent but incongruous with the rest of her discography — her country and folk influences shine through heart-wrenching instrumentals. Kamryn cites “Baby Girl” as a potential turning point for her interest in playing shows, as the song’s departure from her usual edm/dance style is causing her to consider how she might structure a live performance.

The music video for “Baby Girl,” produced by J. Lockhart Media, was a full-on production; Kamryn is thrilled with the video partially because she became so close with the crew throughout filming. She cites one of the actors as saying “we came as strangers and left as family,” and thanks her parents for being the inspiration for both the song and video.

Kamryn Marie has been performing since middle school, and released her first full-length album, As Is, in early 2018. Working with Stephen Joseph Antonelli of Songbuilder Studios for “Baby Girl,” who also produced As Is, she’s excited to take this leap into new musical territory. Kamryn says we should expect another full-length album this year… which she’ll be writing when she isn’t planning her wedding!
The pop solo act has graced the stage at D.C’s legendary 9:30 Club and has theater experience to boot.

Throughout her music journey, her work has received praise from AXS, Medium, UrbanTwist and more.

Kamryn is currently working on her second full-length album, making plans to move to Nashville this Fall and is, of course, enjoying time with her fiancé all the while. To learn more about Kamryn’s healing steps in her relationship with her parents, check out “Baby Girl” below and follow her on social media.

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Known for her honest lyrics and dynamic melodies, EDM/pop artist Kamryn Marie is slowing things down with her latest single, “Baby Girl.” Inspired by a desire to reassure her parents of her unchanging love for them after her boyfriend popped the question.