“Heaven Please Rewind” by Aaron Dean

“Heaven Please Rewind” by Aaron Dean, is an extraordinary country song with a low register vocal that helps get through an afternoon in the hardest times we have seen. The ability to heal is where it all starts, and this Canadian gem has it down as he gets ready to release an album which is likely to contain a lot more where this came from. It’s practically medicinal when you break down the words and music, and that helps show the character of this excellent songwriter. The song appeals to any music lover with ease, but it is also easy to tell from where Dean draws some influences.

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This is country music with a purpose, a meaning, and the right ingredients to also please adult contemporary and easy listening fans. It’s the type of country that was welcomed strongly in the early 90s by artists like Shaniah Twain, also Canadian herself. When the radio station didn’t have to be a country station for a country artist to get aired, because it bordered on soft rock of the 70s. Some of these artists changed the game, and Dean carries on in that same tradition on “Heaven Please rewind” and helps keep it alive.

I would give Dean some space to breathe as he makes his debut without shouting above the rooftops, but rather letting his soft side show with a ballad for his first single. The proof is in the pudding and it is clearly a marvelous tune and being as there is little yet to know outside of his hometown, “Heaven Please Rewind” is a testament for what’s to come. I just feel after hearing it enough times, it’s a no-brainer to expect nothing but good things from Piece by Piece, if this single is anything to go off of.

The guitar lines begin and you’re already in the sweet spot before Dean’s smooth but somehow gritty voice takes over and leads into some more guitar lines before the undeniably awesome female backed chorus shows its bigness. After that, things drop to nearly a silence before the love story continues and drives home an anthem of sorts. The vocals tend to intertwine-together with the guitar working around it, whipping things into a frenzy before it all quietly over and you are left wanting more. This is backed by spot on, second to none production and sound mixing to top it off.

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If crooners were only more in demand these days, songs like this would once again dominate the airwaves, but Dean can stand his ground all he wants, he is the real deal in a world of questionables. Not that there is anything wrong with trying to live the life of a musician, but it does take talent and skills, not just a sense of rhythm and some connections. You’re not going to see him on pop stages, but that is also written all over the music, you just need to get something authentic or it’s not for you. I will stick with the Aaron Dean’s of the world.

Clay Burton

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