Hip Hop Sensation Superstar Girl Drops Debut Single.

Hip Hop sensation Superstar Girl announces a debut single titled ‘School Time’. She is an inspiring singer with hip hop in her blood. Her dad is Emcee Fresh, a hip-hop singer, entrepreneur, and producer of Lion Strong Recordings.

Hip hop sensation Amaya Bartholomew AKA Superstar Girl, is getting fans ready to chill with a stunning single titled ‘School Time.’ Amaya Bartholomew, AKA Superstar Girl, is a 13 years old hip-hop rising star. She is an attractive and creative recording hip-hop artist from Houston, Texas. “I’m very pleased about releasing my debut single. Thanks to my dad, who is always supporting me and being my inspiration. To my music listeners, I hope all of you enjoy my music,” said Superstar Girl, AKA Amaya Bartholomew.

Superstar Girl’s first single, ‘School Time’, is an impressive track with a fast beat and inspiring lyricism. The track was released on October 1st and is currently available on digital music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music. ‘School Time’ music video can be enjoyed on Superstar Girl’s YouTube channel. It features Superstar Girl dancing around with friends in a colorful classroom. The stunning music video is directed by her multi-talented father, Emcee Fresh, and it was first streamed on September 20th. ‘School Time’ music video is the most successful hit single from Superstar Girl. It has gained more than 20K streams since it was released.

Amaya Bartholomew, AKA Superstar Girl’s is the daughter of Emcee Fresh. He is an ingenious hip-hop singer, entrepreneur, and producer of Lion Strong Recordings. Amaya was raised with hip hop in her blood. She was so much influenced by her father, Emcee Fresh. She was raised in a hip-hop environment and preferred rap more than any genre. She signed to Emcee Fresh recording company and enjoyed making music, as well as her father, Emcee Fresh as her music producer for the first single, ‘School Time.’

About Superstar Girl
Amaya Bartholomew, AKA Superstar Girl, is an upcoming hip-hop superstar from Houston, Texas. Her family and friends are her top priority. Amaya is a 13 years old rapper who follows her father’s footsteps to be a hip-hop music artist. She has released a debut single titled ‘School Time’ and some music videos, including ‘Who Is This’ and ‘School Time.’ Amaya’s big dream is to make a difference in the music world and to become a big-name rapper with her songs in favorite music playlists. For more about Superstar Girl and her upcoming singles, please visit Superstar Girl’s official website www.superstargirl.net and social media pages.

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Superstar Girl

Biography Amaya Bartholomew AKA Superstar Girl is a free-spirited and creative young face. She’s from Houston, Texas and is 13 years old. Born to an artist, she’s clearly influenced by her father, Emcee Fresh. He’s a hip-hop singer, entrepreneur, and producer of Lion Strong Recordings/Emcee Fresh Records.


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