Houston’s Wild Fire release new Single-Video

Sporting a playful string melody, springy beats and a honeysweet lead vocal exchanged between two talented young songstresses, there’s no need for debate – the new single “Rolling With the Stones” is a terrific addition to Wild Fire’s growing discography of ballads and country/pop party-starters. Though it’s got a level of balladic reticence, “Rolling With the Stones” has much too poppy an undertow to be a brooding, introspective number.

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Around every twist and turn that the grooves throw in our direction, Wild Fire lay down some seriously powerful melodies, lacing together words and instrumentation as though the two elements were never meant to be kept apart in the first place. This track tries – hard – to be the perfect mix of pop youthfulness and country pastoralism, and from where I sit, it checks off just enough boxes in both categories to qualify as being a smart listen for fans of either genre. Those aren’t two of the easiest audiences to satisfy, but for this pair of aspiring stars, they’re making it look and sound all too simple in their latest studio dispatch and its lovely music video.

The structure of this track features a great duality that I hadn’t previously noticed in the Wild Fire discography prior to now. As we ascend with the duo towards the hook in the chorus there isn’t a lot of tension in the air around the lyrics, and yet the catharsis that comes at us from the other side of the following verse is like a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere that was once devoid of oxygen. They’re straddling the beat in this song with surgical precision, but it never feels like they’re forcing the lyrics into the instrumental harmony – the exact opposite, in all actuality. The beat here is as contributive to the mood of the music as any of the words are, and while the production quality is undisputedly as radio-ready as it gets, producers were careful to avoid flossing over the natural country grit in the master mix. That’s what gives this act their edge above the rest, and it’s something I want to hear in all of their upcoming material as well, regardless of how deep they wade into the pop music pool.

Wild Fire – Rolling With The Stones (Official Music Video)

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Wild Fire break off one stellar introduction to their sound in “Rolling With the Stones,” and even though it isn’t their first official single, it’s a track that I would recommend newcomers to their work take a look at before all others. This is a good measurement of where they’re at stylistically, but perhaps more important than that, “Rolling With the Stones” gives us a pretty decent idea about how far they can stretch the crossover labeling without tripping into Taylor Swift territory (which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on who you ask).

To put it as simply as I can, if this is on par with what they’re planning on recording throughout their career, I definitely expect to see their music winning over those in the media like myself a lot more than it already has from here on out.

Clay Burton