IamDJStaxx Releases New Music

NYC’s, IamDJStaxx, has taken some of the primary aspects of R&B and combined them with Gangsta Rap to arrive at the third installment of Lost Talent 3. LT3 focuses on inner city struggles and contains many of the typical Hip Hop tropes, but is more soulful than we’ve come to expect. Staxx has confessed to being influenced by 70’s AM radio every bit as much major Rap acts such as Juice Wrld. As a result, Lost Talent 3 is poised to be one of the most auspicious releases of the Summer. At 6 tracks in length, LT3 is technically an EP, but is every bit as satiating as a full-length record.

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It’s important to mention that this record is truly a collaborative effort as it also features WaveGodTj, and Rah Dior. Rarely, has an album with such relative brevity, and little space to be shared by 3 different artists, been so successfully regimented. On “Pop Out,” we hear WaveGodTj deliver a fresh and spastic track, that modern Hip Hop fans will find irresistible. It’s fast paced and mildly vulgar, with a veiled innocence. The intro scores the track some extra points, by sampling audio from Smokey’s monologue via the cult classic, Friday.

“Flingz,” by IamDJStaxx, is a sluggish groove that sounds like nighttime in NYC feels. Staxx references his abundance of trisks, and offers a few details throughout. It’s the synth that really steals the show, as it’s layered and adds a sense of melancholy and even remorse. “Like Me,” which features both Staxx and Rah Dior, is one of the shortest tracks on LT3. It’s a quick shuffle that seems to shed a dim light on Staxx’s insecurities, particularly with women.

“Ina Minute,” features both Staxx and WaveGodTj. It has both Wave’s rapid fire delivery and Staxx’s casualness, which works well enough. This is the moment on the record where the Soul is most populous, giving off a few Jackson 5 vibes. Wave’s delivery on this one is enough to make you feel as though you just did a half hour of cardio. “Ina Minute,’ opens LT3, and is effective in establishing the right tone for the rest of the record.


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“It Is What It Is” is like a hybrid strain of cannabis, both hyped and restrained. The amount of syllables crammed into this track may be some kind of record. As the song progresses, it becomes increasingly more aggressive, as Wave goes from 0 to 120, before you realize it. If you’re a Hip Hop purist, you will either embrace or dismiss this one, but it is a timely piece with a ubiquitous title. “It Is What It Is is memorable for multiple reasons.

Lost Talent 3 is tremendous in highlighting three talented Hip Hop artists who are making a concerted effort to forge an identity. The work on this EP serves as both a sampler and an affirmation. The meticulous approach in the studio by these three is apparent and deserves to be recognized, as it’s the subtleties that make this record. LT3 leaves no doubt that we can expect big things from Staxx and company in the future. The album is now available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Clay Burton