Illegal Music Downloads can Save Your Music Career

True or False: Piracy ruins most indie careers? False (find out why here.)

I ‘ve been talking to a friend of mine over in England, one of the most brilliant guys I have met in a long time.
His thought is that the whole business model in the music industry is sinking. He has a series of videos that he is launching which address speaks how it’s basically impossible for musicians to hope to make a living selling music alone – and even when they are making livings purely from music sales, they might be somewhat famous, but they’re earning less than the guy bagging their groceries.
What he’s essentially promoting as an “alternate” music paradigm is that musicians need to stand for something — the difference between a one-hit wonder and an artist that sticks around is a one-hit wonder is essentially single-faceted: we like their music, and that’s it. Artists that stick around, he believes, are able to carve out a niche for themselves – they stand for / mean something in audience’s minds.
And here’s where it gets interesting… he believes that’s where artists need to be monetising. Music is incidental — but their values and lifestyle are what their audiences are really buying into. Which, is why he  believes that one of the biggest reasons why Merch has always been the sweet spot of this industry, it’s the one place where fans can come and literally take with them, and enter into the lifestyle and values of the artists they love.
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Phil Peretz, Media Media Inc/Indie Artists Alliance

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