In Shadow’s We Rise – Never Fall

In Shadow’s We Rise – Never Fall

Press Release
In Shadow’s We Rise – Never Fall
In Shadow’s We Rise Delivers Atmospheric & Motivating Metal
Single With ‘Never Fall’
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About The Release
In Shadow’s We Rise (comprised by John Smith) delivers his newest captivating
metal single “Never Fall” featuring vocalist Eric Castiglia and bass player Marco Tabo.
The release contains every element to get the listeners motivated and crazy. Through
this release, In Shadow’s We Rise delivers pure raw talent that will have listeners
hooked and wanting more. The crunching guitars, atmospheric drumlines, and
energy-filed vocals in “Never Fall” will deliver a dose of energy. John Smith’s talent is
elegantly spelled out throughout the entire track. “Never Fall” highlights an important
message with the lyricism as it motivates people to never fall to failure. It is an
element of life, and we must know how to overcome it. Make sure you check out this
energy-filled single from In Shadow’s We Rise as he is set to carve a unique
unparalleled sound that is completely his own. It’s a must-add to any playlist as it will
infuse energy into you! The official release for “Never Fall” is August 1, 2020.
About In Shadow’s We Rise
In Shadow’s We Rise, is a side project that John Smith launched to work with other
artists that may not have been heard by the world. These artists are in the shadows,
and John Smith is bringing them out. John Smith is the lead guitar player of The
Upright Fallen and has been playing guitar for over 15 years. He launched his solo
project “In Shadow’s We Rise” early at the beginning of July 2020.
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In Shadow’s We Rise

In Shadow’s We Rise. 145 likes · 4 talking about this. In Shadow’s We Rise is a side project made up of John Smith – guitarist/lead guitarist, and various other artist across the world to mix heavy…