Indie Artists: Get Paid to Get Played!

Eos is the best value in background music for all types of businesses, including restaurants, hotels, offices, retail stores, and more. Using proprietary MP3 player devices and an Internet connection, Eos transmits music worldwide for just $19.95 a month. 

Eos is seeking up-and-coming musicians and small record labels to join the service. A randomized, “artificial intelligence DJ” ensures everyone gets fair play time, whether they be a huge label or an artist with a single CD. We’ll put your music up on one or more of our numerous, genre-based channels, and every time you get played, you get paid! 

Eos pays up to 25% of its gross subscription rate directly to artists and labels, without using ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange, or Harry Fox as a middle man to take some of your earnings. Every month, you’ll get an email showing every business around the globe that played your music and how much you get paid for it. It’s simple and easy – just sit back and wait for the checks to show up in the mail! 

Eos helps independent artists and labels get exposure, too. The next generation of Eos players will sport backlit LED displays showing the artist and song name being played, so customers who love your trcks can look you up. We’re also building a new section of where we’ll showcase Eos artists, providing links to your website and even direct links to buy your music from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. 

If you’re interested in licensing your music (non-exclusive) to Eos, please visit us at 

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