Interview with Juliah

2019 has been a big year for you Juliah! Has there been one particular moment in 2019 musically that you are most proud of?


2019 marks the beginning of this new era in my career. I’ve never traveled doing shows, met fans, and networked with important industry people as much as I did this year. The 8 year old me would be proud of everything I’ve accomplished so far. Specially this year, how much I’ve developed my career, my music, my brand, all on my own, opening doors for me all around. I feel like in 2019 I went around planting my seeds, and in 2020 is when I’m gonna get my results, and I can’t wait for this new year to come!

What would you say makes your music unique?

I would say my lack of a single genre, being versatile, my mix of influences, my ability to put any kind of emotion on my songs, and being highly connected to my music. The lyrics, the production, the technicality, I’m part of every little detail, because music is the biggest part in me.

If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

From my generation, Taylor Swift. She was a huge part of my teenage years, and she’s really important on my journey in music. From finding myself as an artist, to deciding what I wanted to be. She’s very inspiring, creative, and fun. I’d love to have her coming in my universe!

What advice would you give someone who is starting out in music but isn’t sure where to begin?

Practice, practice, practice. If you’re a songwriter, write everyday! Doesn’t matter what! A loose phrase that comes in mind, a small poem, a whole lyrics that you’ll end up hating afterwards, anything! If you’re a singer, sing every day! Think of your vocal cords as your abs, if you want a six pack, you have to workout every day, so if you want to improve your singing, you gotta work your vocal cords every day. And it goes on, to anything you want to be.

Find yourself in music, find your signature, what do you want to be, if you want to be like someone else, or if you want to be something new, a creation of your own, and either way is fine, no one can tell you otherwise.  You’ll only find who you are as an artist by going out there and doing it! My music, my sound, my lyrics, my brand, my character, they’re all so different from 3 years ago, and I only found my artistic identity by writing and producing terrible songs, and performing terribly nervous, until I found who I was as an artist, what I wanted to deliver to people and how I wanted them to perceive me.

Tell us what artists you most admire and inspires you!

Elton John, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Lorde, Ed Sheeran and H.E.R. They all have unique voices, they’re all extraordinary songwriters, and very connected to their production. Lorde and Ed, are special to me, cause they are the ones who go against the industry rule of having to have an image, and I love that, because to me music is music, talent shouldn’t be validated by image. Elton, Kanye and Taylor are geniuses, their lyrics, their production, their visions, everything! I definitely look up to them! Elton John is so talented, visionary, his music carries so much emotion on it, and it’s timeless. He’s definitely one of my biggest influences.

Where can we find you on IG?

You can find me @itisjuliah.

Thank you for this opportunity, it really means a lot to me being able to talk about my passion! Hope you have fun with my music, my IG, and everything that I have to present in 2020.

Much love from the girl on the moon – Juliah.

End of Interview