Interview with Sarah Charness

Hello and Welcome Sarah! You have a current single out titled ‘Cryorhythmic’. Can you share more about the song with us?

Cryorhythmic is an energetic and powerful track featuring the violin over electronic/house beats. The track borrows themes from the Vivaldi Four Seasons, “Winter” and really showcases dichotomy between old and new sound.

How did you first get into music? Do you remember the first song you wrote?

I first started playing violin at the age of four. My parents were musicians, so it was a natural progression. I began really writing and creating at a much older age, once I discovered that the violin could live and breathe outside of the classical  genre. The first song I ever wrote was called “Pink Swan”, a take on the theme from Swan Lake. I took the theme, twisted it all around and added some of my own melodies as well. The sound is really different from where I am now, but hey, it was a jumping off point.

Which do you prefer more or feel most at your self, playing live or writing music?

I have to say, I really wasn’t a great writer at first. I still consider myself more of a performer than a writer, but I became much more comfortable writing when I started improvising. I think what many people may not understand is that in classical music, we are taught to read what’s on a page, and the artistry comes in the form of the interpretation of that music. As soon as I started playing rock and pop, I realized that the creativity was in the music itself, not so much the performance. Ironically, thats when performing really became fun for me. I could just let go, and make it all about sharing my music. But at heart, i’m really a performer and always will be.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be?

I would say most of my collaborative tracks are straight up Pop/Dance tracks but Cryorhythmic is more of a electronic crossover track. It doesn’t really sit in a specific category which makes it really unique but also a promoter’s nightmare, given they can’t quite place it into a specific box.

If you had to pick one artists to collaborate with dead or alive – who are you picking?
Such a tough question! I think I would love to collaborate with Madonna. She is such an outstanding performer and an incredible musician. Some of Her music is really eclectic sounding, especially if you dive into her lessor known songs – she is a tried and true feminist and a real icon.

Tell us where we can get your latest single and where to find you on IG.

Yes! my latest single can be found on spotify here
and the music video can be watched

My instagram is @sarahpinkviolin

End of Interview