Interview with Stevie Mann of 9Lies

This is an interview with Stevie Mann of None Lies by Phil Peretz, Presiden/Founder of Indie Artists Alliance and CDDVD Now!

How long have you been making music and how did you get started?
The band was formed around 2003 with the co founder member of my previous band Nick Black who now plays guitar for us, and another good friend of mine Dave kernohan. At the beginning Nick was living in England working for Airbus trying to pull himself out of a lot of debt that he had built up back home, so in its early stages the band was basically myself and Dave locking ourselves away in my studio, which was for all intents and purposes my bedroom with a lot of wires hanging around! During those sessions we started to get the roots of the sound together for what was to become the Behind It All album. Nick would then be over at the weekends and would come around and stick a few great lead guitar over dubs to the recordings, but He wasn’t just a part time member though, as he would spend a lot of time recording ideas on a palm studio and emailing them back to us. Following on from that when we actually started to feel ‘in a band’ along came drummer Stephen "Stoogie" McAuley and bassist Chris Cardwell. Since then the whole environment for writing new material has changed with each member being able to get on with creating their own parts, and fortunately for me they are a great bunch of musicians, and we all get on great at a personal level as well.

Who are the other members of your band?
The members of 9Lies are Stevie Mann – Lyrics / Lead Vocals, Dave Kernohan – Guitars, Nick Black-Guitars, Chris Cardwell-Bass and Stephen McAuley-Drums

What genre of music do you usually perform?
Mainly we do Alternative Rock, but we sort of do two types in the wider Genres which would be Slow, moody guitar ballad rock, and then at the other end of the scale where the crowd pleasers live is the Up-tempo, bouncy, melodic rock. The one thing that they all have in common is that we do spend a lot of time on each, doing quite often complex arrangements, and if when finished we don’t like the songs they go straight in the bin never to see the light of day again. We are our own biggest critics!

Who has been your inspiration?
For myself personally, i’ve always been a big fan of U2, im also big into The Kooks, Nirvana and the Killers to name but 4, and for the other guys the imagination is stretched a great deal!

What new things do you have going on? A CD release, tour,etc?
Well, we have our first single coming out this year, which we are releasing ourselves after the success and tinkering at releasing our debut album last year. But we feel by doing a single this time, we can focus people more on an individual song for maximum effect in the media. Internationaly the single will be available on iTunes or on cd from our website, and it will be available in Music shops here at home. We are pushing for maximum airplay, and press inches worldwide. spreading ourselves a bit thin you think?? If you want cottage industry then take up knitting!

Are you working on anything new?
Oh Yes. Top secret! All will become clear in March 09!

Where are some of the places that you have been playing?
We Played in Brazil and FMI and in Poland for Vena which would be the two most impressive. Both great big Music festivals.

Where can people learn more about you? What’s your web site?
You can learn more about us at http://

What words of wisdom do you have for other musicians who are just getting started?
I have two sayings, one is "Its about music and not money" and the other is "no publicity is bad publicity!" im forever repeating this within the band when something goes wrong in public, like for example a newspaper in Ireland had a review of the Behind it All album and above it was this really dodgy photograph of the band from the early days which Dave had badly photoshopped. We weren’t quite sure where they had got it from until a friend of ours in the media told us that it appears on a website that she had found while searching for 9Lies photos on Google. I hear its still there!

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with the fans?
I would say, Readers, If you havent already done so, then check us out! at or our latest pet which is our Bebo page at where you can become a groupie, listen to free music or leave us a message! And on our website most of the ‘Behind it All Album’ is available for free download, so well worth checking out! Thanks a lot!!

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