Interview with The Keymakers

Your single California in the Sun is so catchy, we can’t stop listening!  Tell us more about the inspiration behind it!

Rome: Thanks so much – we’re glad you dig it! We’ve been working on that song for a LONG time. The first time Red played the original production it just reminded me of California. ‘California in the Sun’ is the first line I ever wrote, and we just build the concept from there. It’s loosely inspired by a road trip we took to CA when we were kids. We’ll never forget driving up and down the PCH – and we try and capture that vibe with the song.

When you need to get your creative juices flowing – what is something you do?

We often like to relax for a little bit and listen to some music that we love just to get into a creative mindset. We do almost all of our production work in our home studio, so we just post up in there, forget about all the business-side stuff we’ve been working on, and try to get in the right vibe – we have a bunch of cool LED lights and some funky art in there that really make it our own – and that all helps us get in the right headspace. Once we’re feeling good – normally one of us will ask the other if he’s ready – then its time to get after it!

Do you have a favorite song to play live?

We’re about to be playing a bunch of shows in 2020 which we’re super excited for, and we’ll be playing both new songs and re-imagined versions of some of our older stuff! We’d say it definitely changes based on our mood, but Lonely and Burning Me Up are both songs we’ve had a LOT of fun with.

What is the best concert you have ever been to and why?

ODESZA’s A Moment Apart tour. We’ve been to a lot of shows and a lot of festivals (which are amazing experiences in their own right), so it’s hard to pin it down to one. But the way they do their set is just crazy. From the visuals to the lights to their drumline – and just the way they vibe off of one another in such a fun and dynamic way – that’s definitely something we admire and try to learn from.

Tell us, if we got to peek at your music collection – what would we hear?

A lot of different stuff. We’ve always listened to a lot of different types of music, and we try to bring that diversity into our tunes. But no need to take our word for it – we actually have a playlist on Spotify called ‘songs we dig’ that we update every few weeks. That’s a great way to get your finger on the pulse of what’s in our ears at any given moment.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Yes – please connect with us! Find us on Instagram (@thekeymakers) and reach out to us – we try and speak with every single new fan and love being able to do that. Finally, catch us at a show on the road in 2020 by following our Songkick.

Where can we find more of you and your music?

Instagram to hang/chat with us, Songkick to catch us on the road, and our website for everything else. And follow us on your favorite streaming service to never miss a release.

End of Interview