Interview with Trina Preach

Trina Preach’s music is Gospel and Holy Hip-Hop with an R&B Mix!  She talks about her music being Poetry In Motion for a Healthy Spirit!

How long have you been making music and how did you get started?
I have been a writer all my life since about 8.  However, I didn’t start writing songs until about 2003, after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I was afraid that I would die and leave my 2 small children alone.  I wanted desperately to leave them something of value.  Memoirs In Pink; A Breast Cancer Journey was compiled as a poetry book that detailed the many facets of my life (I slept with my lap-top).  It was produced simply for my children and family.

Soon, a very good friend and bass player at my church, Bill Moales, asked me if I would consider putting my poetry to music?  That was not what I had in mind, but I was open to the idea?
I didn’t understand the process of actually producing the poems into songs with tracks and such didn’t know what a BAR was nor a MIX, but Bill promised to find me some good music and to hold my hand if I would only trust him.

I did trust Mr. Moales, and the rest is History!  I’ve produced a number of projects since 2003 (all Indie), including Children’s Educational, Gospel, Hip Hop, RB, Health Related, and Christmas.  I am prayerfully looking for skill, destiny & opportunity to finally meet!  My ultimate goal would be a publishing deal or writing contract. 

Who is your inspiration for what you do?
Jesus! My Children (Marq & Mone`t), Kirk Franklin, Yolonda Adams, Mary Mary, India Arie, Beyonce`, CeCe Winans, Commissioned, and John P. Kee.

What’s the last song that you wrote?
Trouble … I just wrote it yesterday.  I’ve been known to get into trouble because I am known to Cry Loud & Spare Not!   In other words … My point of view can be controversial at times when she questions and/or challenges the status quo of the church.  I ask the questions most people just think about.

What was your inspiration for the writing on this song?
Sometimes it is very difficult for the average youth or adult to enter a church for the first time and be accepted as they are.  I’ve been in ministry for years, and I’ve seen first hand how Ministers, Ushers and Pew Members alike treat people they don’t know like foreigners when they should be greeted with love. 

That lack of love and genuine concern is missing from the church these days, and I believe it’s been replaced by those that can get into a country club and upscale restaurants. 

This particular song was written as an advocate for the souls left out of the inner circle.  The prayer is that we would all treat one another the way God treats us … with love, care, and concern. 
When we are in trouble and pray to God, He doesn’t push us aside, but rather with all the millions calling on the Lord Jesus, He somehow makes time for us because He loves us all … exactly the same and has no respect of persons.

What are you doing now? Anything new?
I’ve been in the studio working on my second solo release.  Since the first CD: Memoirs In Pink; A Breast Cancer Journey Through Song, the focus has been on the Children’s Genre, and projects for other artists.  The new CD is not titled yet, but we’re leaning on Trina Preach; In Trouble Again!
In addition to the new solo project, we’ve begun working with a young new Hip-Hop duet.  They are hot with a good commercial edge, but still very much original!

Where can people see you perform? Where are some of the places you’ve been playing?
Trina Preach has played at the Holy Hip-Hop Summit (Atlanta, GA); Love Center Deliverance Ministries (Hamden, CT); New Life Fellowship Church (Charlotte, NC); Bishop & Shirley Owens (Washington, DC);  North & South Carolinas Administrative Conference (Boone, NC); and many churches large and small on the East Coast.   Please note:  These venues with the church are the only outlets of introduction for Trina Preach up until now.  The feedback has been great, so we know more people need to hear the music.
You can listen to ALL songs from Memoirs In Pink; A Breast Cancer Journey Through Song,

What words of wisdom do you have for other musicians who arejust getting started?
My humble and honest approach to this is to get your feelings/spirit out into the world via your song.  Songs are like children in that you have no idea what they were born for?  Some children do a little, while others do a lot!
Once you record your song(s), both you and the song become immortal (you can live forever).  So sing, play, and write til Jesus comes, and you will live a life FREE of stress and worry.  If you are stressed and worried … write a song about it, and get it out of you.
If you are writing with the sole ambition of "getting paid", you should go back to your day job.  You can’t quit because the check didn’t come in, but rather every time your spirit is allowed to release a song out into the world, you should rejoice in knowing that you were used to bless whomever is supposed to hear from your heart.  If that is simply your children and/or yourself … that should be good enough.
I would like to remind new performers who are starting out to always collect your MASTERS!  Please bring a jump drive with you to sessions (especially paid sessions).  You owe it to yourself to be able to have a MIX done on your song(s), even if its not with the engineer you started with. 
I’ve lost so many great songs because they just weren’t mixed. I kept telling myself that we can do the song(s) over, but that never happens!  Please get a jump drive or an external hard drive.  It’s one of the best investments you can make.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with the fans?
For my fans … thank you for all the letters and prayers of support that you have shown me.  My prayer is that you will find this new CD project even better than the first one.  I’ve learned quite a bit since then, and I am sure that you will agree with that. 

God Bless You All.

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