Interview with WEAVA

Who are you really and how did you get started?
My real name is Jonathan Weaver and I have been making music since birth, it just didn’t have a defined genre back then.

Seriously, since the age of 12, I have been working at it but it wasn’t until age 14 that I began to pen words to paper and create beats to complement the words. At 14, I co-produced and coordinated the music for a teen stage play in Atlanta, GA. I’m 17 now.

Who are the other members of your band?
I have an extraordinary keyboard player: "D" and a dynamic drummer: Arnell

What genre of music do you usually perform?
For the most part, we play R&B. I think that our music really is sensually satisfying to the heart and soul; love songs that lift and inspire; emotionally charged lyrics that touch all feelings; you walk away from a performance feeling good about yourself. My inspiration has been artists like
David Ruffin; Marvin Gaye; John Legend; Usher; Tank

What was the name of the last song that you wrote?
U Got Me. I wrote it about Girls worrying about what I do when I go out

What new things do you have going on? A CD release, tour, etc?
I’m busy, man.I’m working on two new CD projects, one is my 2nd R&B CD release project and the other is my 2nd gospel release project.

I’m also focusing on completing high school requirements to get ready for graduation in 2009; and working on my show because I am about to hit the streets with my show

Where are some of the places that you have been playing?
I am working on getting my band set up so I haven’t begun to play yet. My 18th birthday is in Jan so I’m working to line up as many gigs as possible starting with my 18th birthday……

Where can people learn more about you? What is your web site?  is my website. From there you can listen to my music as well as access my MySpace page and find out how to purchase my music CD’s or digital downloads

What is your e-mail address?

What words of wisdom do you have for other musicians who are just getting started?
Be patient, learn your trade, and believe in your dream. I wanted to do this as early as 12 but my parents in their wisdom guided me to wait until I was more mature. I’m glad they did. I really believe in what I’m doing and what I can do. I plan to attend full sail university next year after high school to improve my skills and learn the business.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with the fans?
Keep your eyes and ears out for WEAVA……I’m coming out soon and will take the world by storm!  You can purchase my latest CD release Inside Out at cdbaby, digstation, SuperD One Stop, or digital downloads at iTunes (Apple and Japan), Rhapsody, Amazon, Verizon, Napster, and other digital download sites.

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