Introducing Mimi Music – Unlock the Power of Music Based on Your Personal Earprint on Any Headphones

Mimi Hearing Technologies, innovator of smartphone-based tools that enhance the audio experience, today unveiled Mimi Music, a new app that uses patent-pending technology and a medically-certified hearing test to create a personalized “earprint” to craft the perfect sound for your ears. Mimi’s earprint technology syncs with your favorite music apps – Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes – and increases clarity, richness and quality of sound in less than two minutes without having to crank up the volume. Six hundred million people suffer from some degree hearing loss including one in five teens.

In addition to unparalleled sound for your music, Mimi Music also delivers “live-hearing enhancement” to help those with hearing loss by amplifying voices and atmospheric sounds. Best of all, Mimi Music works with any set of headphones or earbuds, so there’s no need to purchase new and expensive accessories.

“Mimi Music represents a significant milestone for hearing technology as the only app optimized for different human ears, no matter what earbuds they use,” said Mimi Hearing Technologies co-founder and CEO Philipp Skribanowitz. “Mimi Music will not only help those with hearing loss to enjoy the sounds of life, but will also help all audiophiles achieve the highest quality audio experience.”

Mimi Music delivers an immersive listening experience at low volumes, minimizing damage to hearing and an important part of mitigating hearing loss. Mimi tests 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 and 8000 kHz – the frequencies most indicative of hearing ability – and follows the recommended procedure by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the British Society of Audiology. Music lovers can enjoy their personal sound with Mimi Music in three easy steps:

1.     Create: Create your personal earprint in under two minutes by taking the Mimi Music Hearing Quiz.

2.     Play: Play music from your Spotify, SoundCloud or iTunes app personalized for your hearing.

3.     Finetune: Finetune your music with the Mimification Slider to your personal preferences and environment.

Mimi Music’s patent-pending hearing enhancement technology is based on 12 years of audio research and development in partnership with internationally renowned audiology and phoniatric experts and the University of Berlin, Charité. Mimi uses digital signal processing called “mimification” to enhance the audio experience for the listener based on data from all of the places where Mimi’s technology is deployed.

Mimi Music is available to download for free on the Apple App Store. Mimi Music will be available for Android in beta later this summer.

About Mimi Hearing Technologies

Named MIDEM’s best startup for 2016, Mimi Hearing Technologies builds smartphone-based tools for people to hear better. Mimi’s patent-pending technology creates your personal “earprint” that seamlessly integrates with your favorite music source to create sound perfectly tailored for you. Headquartered in Berlin, Mimi’s team of scientists, audio engineers, psychoacoustic experts and designers are dedicated to delivering the best listening experiences for every stage of life. The company’s latest product, Mimi Music, is available to download for free in the Apple App Store. Mimi Hearing Technologies is funded by Atlantic Labs, Gotham Gal Ventures, Horizons Ventures and global technology and science luminaries throughout Silicon Valley, Europe and Hong Kong. For more information, visit and follow @mimihearing on Facebook and Twitter.

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Editor’s Note:

CE Mark Approval

Mimi Hearing Technologies was awarded CE Mark Medical Product Risk Class I according to Annex VII of the directive 93/42/EEC in March 2016 for its Mimi Hearing Test and Mimi Music. For more information visit:

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