"The Elevate Project" EP Cover Art


You may know J from his role as lead singer and leader of The Elevate Project or you may know him from his years as a dynamic worship leader. Regardless of his role, J exudes creativity through all he endeavors; from his fashion sense, to his newfound hobby as an aquarist. Music is just one of his creative outlets (and some would argue his most prolific). Deeply spiritual, J studies the The Bible and the writings of wide-ranging world religions, in an effort to quench the unquenchable, while attempting to discern God’s will for his life.
A gifted songwriter, when J sits down at the piano, his heart opens and brings forth silky melody lines and rich, warm chord progressions. His voice is deliciously raw and vulnerable, yet his hands are sure and strong as he plays. Although often guarded in his speech, the mystery of J is exposed in his music. The sadness in his eyes is explained for a brief moment, or perhaps the listener is gifted an understanding of the depth of gratitude J possesses for his….abundant life.
J’s rebirth as a solo artist comes on the heels of an exciting period of time making music with The Elevate Project. Leading a team of that size and scope has been followed by a necessary period of quiet. But now, in perfect time, and not a minute sooner, J emerges to lead you with song. Regardless of how you may have known him before, once again….meet J.


Have you listened to “The Outside Looking In”?, Loretta Gillespie on viola, and Lisa Fako and Sheila Hanford on violins. With music by JSING and lyrics by Connie Steel and J, track 3 of The Elevate Project is the only track on the EP without the backing of The Elevate Project.